When People are

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  • Positive
  • Resilient

Their Organisations Are

  • Healthy
  • Stable
  • Profitable
Employee wellness program oranges

ORANGES - The science and practice of improving business outcomes through engaged people.

ORANGES is a program that provides measurable outcomes to improve the overall performance and wellbeing of your people, teams and business.

Developed over a decade, with continuous updates based on the most rigorous and extensive academic research from the world's leading universities (such as Harvard, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Melbourne, California, Oxford) and most highly regarded researchers such as Dr Martin Seligman, Dr Alex Linley, Prof Chris Peterson, Dr Robert Biswas-Diener, Prof Carol Dweck, Prof Barbara Fredrickson, Dr Karen Reivich, Dr Andrew Shatte and Prof Sonia Lyubomirsky, this unique program is designed to help people (and therefore their organisations) be more resilient, optimistic, productive, efficient and happier. Based on the science and practices of positive psychology, ORANGES provides individuals, teams and whole businesses with the skills and tools to create greater optimal functioning people and organisations.

An amazing program that improves lives

  • Practical training with over 40 tools
  • Resources to embed change
  • Measurement tools to quantify the impact
The program targets common challenges such as:
Problem Solving
One of the outcomes in 'O' Optimism

People with a pessimistic mindset see issues and barriers, while optimistic people identify paths, possibilities and opportunity. In the 'O' module, you will learn that optimism matters because it enables us to think differently, keep things in perspective, see obstacles as something that can be overcome whilst gaining skills in order to support the achievement of our goals. The 'O' in Oranges helps you learn and practice the skills and tools to become more solutions focused and optimistic.

Resiliency in the face of change and setbacks
One of the outcomes in 'R' Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to withstand and adapt to the challenges that life throws at us. It's a skill anyone can learn, not only to survive but to thrive and it's an essential key to our overall happiness. Resilient people and businesses fulfill their potential and see challenges as opportunities for growth and renewal. In the 'R' module, you will learn how to bounce back, build on your natural level of resilience and thereby become more confident, reliable and effective.

Poor attitude and infectious negativity
One of the outcomes in 'A' Attitude

Attitude is a choice and it profoundly influences our approach to work, our job and the people we work with. In the 'A' module you will learn the skills for and the power of having a growth mindset and how this will enable you to make choices that reinforce a positive attitude.

Quality of work and productivity levels
One of the outcomes in 'N' Now

Being conscious, engaged and focused has a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of the work we do. Our concentration span increases, we are less likely to be distracted, make fewer mistakes and achieve more goals. In the 'N' module you will learn how to be more mindfully engaged and present in the moment to create greater mental awareness and control.

Commitment, application and Engagement
One of the outcomes in 'G' Gratitude

Research shows that people go the extra mile, perform better and support the business and its stakeholders when their efforts are appreciated. In the 'G' module you will learn how gratitude increases value to individuals and teams and how this is a key factor in delivering personal and business growth.

One of the outcomes from 'O' Optimism, 'R' Resilience, 'E' Energy

A positive state of mind is linked to stronger goal setting, innovation, concentration, creativity and mental capacity to make quicker decisions. In the 'E' module you will learn the importance of positivity in maintaining our energy and how this can directly lead to greater levels of optimism, resilience and productivity.

Improving Team performance
One of the outcomes from 'S' Strengths (& 'G' Gratitude)

Strengths are traits that come naturally to us and allow us to perform at our best. They are hardwired within our DNA and when used properly allow individuals and teams to flourish. In the 'S' module you will be able to identify your strengths, spot strengths in others and learn how to maximize these so that you and your team can fulfill their potential. Research shows that people you identify and use their strengths on a regular basis are less stressed, more resilient and are more engaged with the teams that they work with.

Measurable Organisational Impact

ORANGES is a scientifically sound, measurable 2-day program that positively impacts performance by changing the way your people approach their work and their lives.

Camp Quality runs ORANGES on an ongoing basis, and has realised the following benefits that have been sustained for over a decade.

Avg 6.3 days per person p.a. Sick Leave
Avg 3.2 days per person p.a.
Verge of Bankruptcy Financial
Strong cash position and balance sheet
20 staff, 100's volunteers, 100's of clients Growth and Capacity
120 staff, 2,500 volunteers, 6,500 clients
In danger of losing charity licence Reputation
Ranked most trusted Children's Charity in Australia
Zero growth in customer services Innovation
Developed/launched award winning world first cancer education App for children.

  • Optimism
  • Resilience
  • Attitude
  • Now
  • Gratitude
  • Energy
  • Strengths
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ORANGES Course Description

ORANGES is a 2-day program created by Camp Quality - a national Charity that supports children (birth to 13 years) and families affected by cancer through educational, hospital, recreational and home support services. ORANGES was developed over a decade by bringing the latest academic research to life and contains over 40 easily implemented practical tools that participants learn and practice during the workshops.

The program aims to enhance the wellbeing of individuals as well as the health of the whole organisation by providing people with tools for a better life. ORANGES is based on robust academic rigour and extensive scientific research, that shifts people's focus from what is wrong or negative, to a more positive outlook that has meaning, a positive can-do outlook, high engagement, positive energy and accomplishment, to create higher happier and higher performing people and teams.

Life and work can be hard, challenging and disappointing; however research covered in ORANGES has shown that there are certain strategies and skills that allow people to navigate the challenges of life more effectively and despite the upsets bounce back and flourish. ORANGES has seven workshops as outlined below.

Each workshop has interactive learning activities and is measurable through the unique ORANGES inventory tool which will give participants scores for their Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, Now (Mindfulness) Gratitude, Energy and Strengths.

By practicing the tools presented in the workshops and understanding the research behind them, participants learn the key and skills to developing positive thinking habits. These skills can be measured and tracked across all seven ORANGES inventories to show how an individual, team or entire organisation is improving.

The program is held over two-days with an introduction and the first three letters (O, R and A) conducted on day one and the final four letters on day two.

The program is optimal with 14 – 25 people per group.

Workshops Outcomes And Tools Description
  • Understand what optimism means and what kind of thinking habits optimistic people have learned.
  • Understand Optimistic and Pessimistic explanatory styles, and how they affect perspective and behaviour.
  • Use the 3P's (Personal, Pervasive and Permanence) technique to reframe situations and gain balanced perspective.
  • Apply the ABCD Model to learn how to think more optimistically.
  • Gain practical tips for becoming more optimistic at work and home.
Where am I now?
  • Review your own personal optimism inventory
Participants learn tools to create flexible, optimistic thinking habits which enable them to focus on positive outcomes, persist and stay motivated. The skills they learn to develop positive beliefs and proactive strategies to combat pessimistic thinking draw on pioneering work of Martin Seligman, a leading figure in positive psychology.
  • Understanding resilience
  • Understanding your emotional range
  • Recognising your ups and downs
  • The resilience model – Overcome > Steer Through > Bounce Back > Reach out
  • Use the 4A's model Awareness | Acceptance | Adjustment | Action
  • Understanding how to build your resilience reserves
  • Develop your personal resilience strategy
  • Your personal action plan:
    • 2 x Professional
    • Personal
Where am I now?
  • Review your own personal resilience inventory
    • Awareness
    • Acceptance
    • Sustainable Strategies
    • Proactive Strategies
    • Productive Strategies
Participants develop the capacity to withstand and adapt to life's challenges, by providing a simple range of activities to boost positive mood and manage negative emotions. It shows how the brain, body and emotions are linked and how people can change the way they feel to create an upward spiral of positive emotion that increases resilience. This workshop is based on the latest emotional intelligence and neuroscience research by Barbara Fredrickson, Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte.


  • Understand the positive habits involved in a Growth Mindset and how to develop them.
  • Learn communication strategies to increase positive impact and reduce negativity.
  • Gain practical tips for building a positive attitude at work and home.
  • Learn about behavioural drivers, how to recognise them and manage them.
  • Develop awareness about how your behaviours affect others.
  • Understand Fixed vs Growth Mindsets, and how to choose between them.
  • Your personal action plan:
    • 2 x Professional
    • Personal
Where am I now?
  • Review your own personal attitude inventory
Participants learn how much of our happiness is determined by the attitudes and choices we make and explore ways to become flexible, positive and motivated by adopting a growth mindset. Based on research by Carol Dweck which clearly shows that our intelligence is malleable and that you can create a growth mindset which makes you more motivated, productive and happy.
  • Understand the power of mindfulness and three essentials for paying close attention in the moment.
  • Learn three powerful skills to get you more in tune with the moment: curiosity, savouring and flow.
  • Gain practical tips for living in the now at work and home.
  • Learn about the science between your mind and measurable health such as antibody levels.
  • Learn how to reframe counterproductive emotions such as anxiety, into constructive mindsets such as curiosity
  • Your personal action plan:
    • 2 x Professional
    • Personal
Where am I now?
  • Review your own personal mindfulness inventory
Participants learn tools for living in the now and enjoying the present moment. This skill involves training ourselves to be more mindful so we can put things into perspective, gain more emotional control and feel more engaged.
  • Understand how gratitude works and how to get and share the benefits of this life-affirming practice.
  • Learn three gratitude practices that are scientifically proven, and fun.
  • Experience the powerful reciprocity of gratitude.
  • Gain practical tips for building gratitude into your everyday life.
  • Your personal action plan:
    • 2 x Professional
    • Personal
Where am I now?
  • Review your own personal gratitude inventory
Participants learn how to boost their happiness and that of others by expressing gratitude and appreciation. This simple action is one of the most powerful tools to increase positive emotions and keep people energised and healthy. It's a powerful antidote to negative emotion and depression.
Energy /Excitement
  • Understand the science of laughter and the benefits of feel-good chemicals for our body and brain.
  • Learn how to use your body to generate energy, release tension and reset the negativity button.
  • Gain practical tips for making more things fun at work and home.
  • Understand the energy chart, and how to recognise your current quadrant, and shift your thinking into quadrants that are most constructive for the situation.
  • Your personal action plan:
    • 2 x Professional
    • Personal
Where am I now?
  • Review your own personal energy inventory
Participants learn about the science of laughter, elevation and the benefits of feel good chemicals for your body and brain. Research shows the benefits of fun and laughter in reducing stress, improving heart rate, muscle activity, digestion and immune systems.
  • Understand what strengths are and how to use and develop them to realise more of your potential.
  • Understanding 'Flow' or being in the zone, and how you can perform at your peak.
  • Develop greater clarity on your own strengths
  • Learn how to spot strengths in people, identify what energises them and give positive feedback that motivates them to perform at their best.
  • Gain practical tips for using your strengths at work and home.
  • Develop awareness of how you can contribute more to the team, and how you can help others contribute more and enjoy their role more.
  • Your personal action plan:
    • 2 x Professional
    • Personal
Where am I now?
  • Reflect on your own strengths and how to develop increased awareness.
Strengths are a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic and energising to the user. When used, people feel happier, more confident, more resilient, and more engaged in their self-development. It's informed by extensive research into strengths psychology by Alex Linley, Chris Peterson and Robert Biswas-Diener.
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