Presentation Skills 1-day Accelerated

Presentation Skills Training - Accelerated 1 day

Delivering a brilliant, memorable and interactive presentation requires a number of skills including effective planning, choosing the right delivery method(s), developing outstanding customised content, professional facilitation, the efficient use of technology, effective communication skills and more.

The PD Training Accelerated Presentation Skills Training Course provides you with this in-depth knowledge and skill building in the planning, preparation and delivery of truly engaging presentations. You'll learn how to use specific tools and techniques for presentation creation and delivery which will enable you to conduct powerful presentations that engage your audience every time.

As part of this professional development training event, you will have an opportunity to develop and present to your peers and receive feedback from the group.

This practical and engaging training course is available now throughout Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Parramatta, Canberra and Perth.

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Your Learning Outcomes

After completing this course participants will:

  • Learn to design effective & engaging presentations
  • Select the most suitable delivery method based on the audience, the environment & the message being delivered
  • Master powerful & effective verbal & non-verbal communication techniques
  • Gain insight into effective techniques for calming nerves
  • Learn to create fantastic flip charts to support the key messages
  • Learn the effective use of colours
  • Create compelling PowerPoint presentations
  • Use videos and audio to enhance the experience
  • Learn different tricks to add diversity & interest to engage the audience
  • Learn to pump it up a notch to deliver higher energy presentations
Duration: 1.0 day course Live Online Experts


Presentation Skills Training - Accelerated 1 day Reviews:

"I found the training very enjoyable and relevant to my needs- didn't go in with any expectations in particular but there was a lot I have taken away with me and look forward to using the techniques and strategies in future training programmes. Thank you!"



"The most Intresting part for me was the test of personalities , I wish we could go more in dept in there ,this can be very useful during your presentation, but then you have to go more in depth of material..."

-Keune Haircosmetics


"All components were relevant"

"The trainer made the training informative, interesting and relevant. Thank you."

"Jo was the perfect trainer for the course. He engaged everyone and kept everyone interested in the training."

"Joe has been my trainer three times now since my time at Qudos and he is excellent! Always makes the effort to know our names and bond with us a group! His way of teaching is also informative and keeps us engaged! I hope this feedback is passed onto him."

"The trainer Jo advised it was meant to be a 2 day course and he quite successfully turned it in to a 1 day course without missing the main information."

-Qudos Mutual Ltd trading as Qudos Bank


"The trainer was very experienced and wanted to help us address our organisational needs."

-Rise Network Inc.


"Cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough! I thoroughly enjoyed our training session and the way it was delivered. Siobhan sensed what our group required and tailored the session so that we would get the most out of it."

"Very engaging and informative. Pace was maintained all through the day."

Mitchell Shire Council


"Excellent trainer and although it was a lot of content he made it manageable."

"The interaction was really really good. Joe had us all at ease to feel that we could participate, make comments and ask questions. I thought that he fulfilled all the roles of the day ie. Presenter, Trainer and Facilitator. He adjusted the content to suit a room full of fairly experienced presenters."

"Great trainer, relevant and responsive to the group needs."

-Department of Education - Senior Pathways


"Derrick was very personable and a wonderful presenter/trainer. I would be happy to take part ins ANY training that Derrick would be holding."

-TAFE Queensland Library Network


"Fantastic course, presenter was very informative and engaging.

-Origin Organisational Capability - Upstream


"Practical experience and on the spot feedback was useful."

-WE Buchan

More happy clients 

Download Course Outline (PDF)

To be a successful, professional presenter you need to be able to capture your audience and take them on the journey with you by using effective presentations, story-telling, interactive facilitation and of course engaging content. Good information, great ideas or the best of intentions only gets you half way there.


Positioning yourself and your ideas in a consistently positive and professional manner enables you to make a professional impression; the first time and every time.  Raw information is logical, but being logical does not capture or hold anyone’s attention for too long. Persuasive presentations start with raw information, then opinions are added and enhanced with creative imagery and given personality by the presenter. The more of the mind you tickle, the more retention and motivation you reap.


This Presentation Skills Training Program will teach you how to prepare effective presentations, and how to utilise the best method(s) for delivering your message while maintaining your audience's interest at all times.


Course Outline for Presentation Skills Training - Accelerated 1 day

Topic 1
Getting Started
  • Workshop Objectives
Topic 2
Presentation Preparation
  • Conducting Needs Analysis
  • Initial Outline Layout
  • Research, Write and Edit
Topic 3
Delivery Method Options
  • Types of Delivery Methods
  • More Advanced Methods
  • Basic Things to Keep in Mind
Topic 4
Communication Skills - Verbal
  • Active Listening Techniques
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Powerful Communicating Tips
Topic 5
Communication Skills - Non-Verbal
  • Body Language Explained
  • Your External Body language
  • Other's External Body Language
Topic 6
Overcoming Stage Fright
  • Pre-Event Planning
  • Mental Preparation
  • Physical Relaxation Techniques
  • Exuding Confidence to the Audience
Topic 7
Create Effective Flip Charts
  • Suggested Tools
  • Flip Chart Advantages
  • Effective Use of Colours
  • Always Have a 'Plan B'
Topic 8
Create Compelling Presentations with PowerPoint
  • Suggested Tools
  • PowerPoint Tips
  • Always Have a 'Plan B''
Topic 9
Creative Use of Whiteboards
  • Wall Mounted vs Electronic
  • Suggested Tools
  • Effective Use of Colours
  • Always Have a 'Plan B'
Topic 10
Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio
  • Suggested Tools
  • Video and Audio Tips
  • Always Have a 'Plan B'
Topic 11
Pumping it up a Notch
  • Making Them Laugh
  • Engaging with Questions
  • Promoting Audience Interaction
  • Managing Questions and Comments
Topic 12
Wrapping Up
  • Words from the Wise
  • Action Plans

In-House Training - We’ll focus on what matters most to you and tailor to your context

Face-to-Face, Live Online, or Hybrid Class Tailored to Your Needs

When you want a tailored learning experience targeting exactly what you want without bringing everyone physically together, the best choice is a Live Online Class run by PDT.

We tailor the content and activities to be specific to your current needs and the needs of the people and run the course in our usual activity-based workshop style training, however, the participants can all be offsite, or some can be in the room with others offsite.

Unless you have a preferred tools we use 'Zoom for Education' that includes enhanced collaboration features such as One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation (people can work together in activity files), and digital whiteboarding, we also include things like live polls and group chats so you virtually have the same collaborative learning experience of attending a course in a room with other people.

live online & hybrid

We have delivered these 100's (if not 1000's) of times, and get great outcomes. We achieve great outcomes because we keep our learner centric approach - just because it’s delivered through a screen to some or all participants doesn’t mean it needs to be less tailored or less personalised.

You still have an expert trainer who talks to you prior to the session and tailors the delivery to use your terminology, ensure activities are relevant and directly applicable and ensures an engaging learning experience that provide people with skills and techniques they can apply the very next day.

A hybrid class is with some people connecting online, and some people physically together in the same room.

Live Online Participant Feedback:

90% Overall Trainer Rating

88% Delivery was Adapted to me Personally

75% I Would Recommend this Course to Someone Else

Face to Face Options With Everyone in the same room

1-hour Motivator
one hour motivator
3-hour Power Sessions
3 hour power session
Full-day training
full day training
At your workplace At your workplace
In our Training Rooms In our Training Rooms
 In our Online Training  Room - the HIVE In our Online Training Room

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At the completion of training participants are encouraged to create an action plan, and invite an accountability buddy via their Orgmenta App.

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