Job Search Application and Interview Skills

When you’re searching for a new job, knowing the correct methods for conducting the search is immensely important. You’ll save time and find better opportunities if you use some little tricks taught in this course.

The PD Training Job Search and Application Skills Training Course provides professional training in developing networking skills, assessing personal skills, building a resume, interview skills, creating a portfolio and more. This course guides you through every step of job seeking and giving interviews, so that you quickly identify the right jobs first and then go and get them.

This dynamic and practical training course is now available Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Parramatta.

Please click on the Public Class tab below to view our Job Search and Application Skills Training course schedule by city or click the In-House Training tab to receive a free quote for courses delivered at your preferred location.

Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Job Search Application and Interview Skills

    After completing this program, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to search for the perfect job for you.

    After completing this course, participants will have learned to:

    • Assess their skills
    • Build a resource system
    • Set SMART goals
    • Understand basic resume formats
    • Create an attractive package
    • Understand branding
    • Add extra touches
    • Create and customise a template
    • Create a portfolio
    • Use networking skills
    • Understand the importance of organising
    • Look at the hidden job market
    • Use networking to find the right jobs
    • Understand the various types of interviews
    • Develop skills to give perfect interviews
    Duration: 1 day course
    PD Training customer feedback infographic with average of 9 out of 10


    Job Search Application and Interview Skills Reviews:

    "Leigh adapted the course to suit the demographics of the people he was addressing. He made what I would consider a dry and mundane topic, very pleasurable, considering our circumstances... Some very helpful hints and direction were gained by all who attended. Well done Leigh!"

    Maritime Patrol SPO


    "The course was quite helpful for me in learning the job search process."

     "Most useful was using the essential criteria in your summary statement and highlights - basically what to include in a cover letter, resume! It was all very useful. "

    "Great trainer, approachable, knowledgeable, professional and fun."

    "I found the course really helpful. The first half of the course was related to building your CV and I found this really useful. Thanks."

    -Wesley Mission Victoria


    "My staff found this course to be useful and Noel was responsive to each of their needs."


    More happy clients 

  • Course Outline - Job Search Application and Interview Skills

    Download Job Search Application and Interview Skills Outline


    Job Search Skills Training Course provides participants with the knowledge and the skills to find the right job and to succeed in getting it. During the course, participants learn to define their objectives and goals, use SMART goals, develop a plan of action, design an effective resume, create an attractive cover letter, and more. The training course also equips you with the skills to handle and succeed at interviews.


    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 1
    Getting Started
    • Housekeeping Items
    • Pre-Assignment Review
    • Workshop Objectives
    • The Parking Lot
    • Action Plan
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 2
    Networking Skills
    • What is Networking?
    • Getting a Conversation Started
    • But I'm So Nervous!
    • Wrapping Up and Moving On
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 3
    Ready, Set, Go!
    • Indentifying Your Values and Purpose
    • Assessing Your Skills
    • Setting SMART Goals
    • Building a Resource System
    • a 30-Day Plan
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 4
    Skills for Success
    • Being Organised
    • Becoming a Punctual Person
    • I Can Do This!
    • Important Etiquette Points
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 5
    Building Your Resume
    • Basic Resume Formats
    • Dealing with Awkward Points
    • Checklist for Success
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 6
    Where to Look?
    • The Obvious Places
    • The Hidden Job Market
    • About Cold Calling
    • The Power of Networking
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 7
    Polishing Your Resume
    • Creating an Attractive Package
    • About Branding
    • Some Extra Touches
    • Checklist for Success
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 8
    Understanding the Interview
    • Types of Interviews
    • What to Expect
    • About Behavioral Questions
    • About Knowledge Questions
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 9
    Writing a Cover Letter
    • Types of Cover Letters
    • Creating a Template
    • Customising the Template
    • Checklist for Success
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 10
    Interview Skills
    • Dressing for Success
    • Answering Questions
    • Asking Questions
    • Following Up
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 11
    Creating a Portfolio
    • When Do I Need a Portfolio?
    • Types of Portfolios
    • Essential Elements
    • Checklist for Success
    Job Search Application and Interview Skills - Lesson 12
    Wrapping Up
    • Words from the Wise
    • Parking Lot
    • Lessons Learned
    • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

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    • Excellent Team Building Opportunity
    • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
    • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)

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Job Search, Application and Interview Skills
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