Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is a key skill for anyone who works in a team, communicates directly with customers or has a supervisory or managerial role.  Resolving interpersonal conflict can be very empowering and should be a part of everyone's professional development goals.

This Conflict Resolution Course by PD Training provides techniques for individuals in an organisation to resolve workplace conflict and to build a common understanding and framework for working through challenging situations. The course was designed, after much research, to focus on the Win-Win Approach using the three critical skills of conflict resolution; Negotiation, Assertiveness and Persuasion.

These skills will enable the course participants to develop conflict resolution strategies for quickly and effectively recognising, resolving and preventing conflicts with others.  Learn key skills like how to compromise and negotiate, finding the root cause of the issue, the importance of forgiveness, anger management strategies and de-escalating challenging situations.

Attend a 1-day Conflict Resolution Training Class, or have one of our professional trainers come to your workplace in Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth.

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Your Learning Outcomes
Conflict Resolution Training Course

In this course participants will learn how to:
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the sources, causes and types of conflict
  • Master all six phases of the conflict resolution process
  • Understand the five main approaches to conflict resolution
  • Learn to apply conflict resolution approaches 
  • Learn how to use parts of the conflict resolution process to recognise and prevent conflict before it escalates
  • Develop communication tools such as agreement frames and open questions
  • Learn practical anger and stress management techniques
Duration: 1.0 day course

Your Giving Outcomes

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Conflict Resolution Training Course Reviews:

"Most useful was that the trainer responded to our individual learning needs and drew on our experiences to link to the new knowledge."


"Most useful was that the trainer responded to our individual learning needs and drew on our experiences to link to the new knowledge. Also, extremely beneficial was the personal style profiling done at the start of the day so we can understand ourselves, our tendencies and then relate that to the later content presented. Very nice, welcoming and warm trainer."



"very happy with the course. looking forward to doing more"

-Vulcan Steel


"I thought the trainer Andrew was very good, had great knowledge on the subject keep the group on track and was engaging and helpful. I would happily recommend this course to others. thanks"

-Victoria State Emergency Service


"I got a lot out of the course, The trainer managed vocal participants well to enable the less vocal to express their views."

-Victoria State Emergency Service


"Joseph was amazing! He learnt everyone's names and addressed them by their name every time they spoke. He had everyone focused and interactive the whole time (4 hrs) and it was great to have small breaks which meant he knew what it felt like to be in a training. I wish every training day was like this....big thanks to Joseph - i got a lot out of the training!!"



"The trainer really made it easy to have open discussions. The trainer was very professional and it was a nice touch that he remembered the majority of our names when he addressed us."

"Joe is a very good trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course material was relevant and it was presented in an interesting and engaging way. Thank you."

"The trainer was really enthusiastic and positive , he also created a non judgmental environment which meant I could learn better."

"It was a very informative and how the given scenarios which mirrored what exactly all of us are experiencing or have experienced. I can also apply what I have learned in my personal life."



"The Conflict Resolution Course was extremely interesting and enjoyable. Myself and my colleagues will take away from this course informative information to help us in our businesses and personal lives."


"Richard was amazing! So inspiring and so knowledgeable! I hope I can do more courses with him in the future!"


"Thank you for a well constructed and executed training full of relevance in work and life which we walked away with many constructive strategies to employ in our day to day life. Time flew by."

-Royal Academy of Dance Sth Qld Regional Advisory Panel


"The trainer spent some time prior to the training date getting a better understanding of the needs of the group and used this to pitch and deliver the training."

-Plenty Valley Community Health


"Ian was really engaging and enthusiastic. he has lots of on the job examples and made everything really relatable and relevant."

-City Of Karratha


"Interactions with Gina prior to the workshop were extremely beneficial and enabled her to tailor the training to best suit the needs of the team."

"The facilitator was brilliant and obviously an expert in her field. I wasn't expecting to learn anything new, but I learnt new things and had a chance to practice new skills.

"Was apprehensive about the training course however Derek made it a very interesting, laid back and enjoyable experience."

"The trainer was able to tailor the content of the course during the session to better accommodate the group's needs."

-Australian Government - ASQA


"Joseph was fantastic !!! Very interesting course. Kept us wanting more."

"I've learned very useful tools, tips and techniques that will help with resolving any form of conflict. Joseph made a real effort in making us all understand methods and best practises to be used in all different scenarios. Joseph is a good trainer that I would recommend to anybody that wants to attend his training sessions."

-Modular Building Systems


"Having completed many T&D sessions on conflict resolution for DECS over the years I'd like to say this was one of the more enjoyable and all due to our trainer :)"

-Wise Employment


"Awesome course and Charlene was amazing. Really glad I attended this course, will use PD Training again."

-Herron Todd White (Western Australia) Pty Ltd


"Josh was brilliant! Really structured the course to our particular group and made it relevant to us."

-Associated Retailers Limited


"I enjoyed everything abut the course."

-Alzheimer's QLD


"I found the day quite informative. It was really good doing the course prior to our strategy days, as I could identify some of the different personalities. The course also made me more self aware."

"It was an excellent course and I really appreciated the work and depth of knowledge shown by Derrick."



"I really appreciated the one on one training I was able to get with Josh. I observed my colleagues were able to get the same attention which I thought was a great aspect of the training."

-Anaesthetic Group Ballarat


"Joe was a wonderful trainer; at the very beginning of the session he made a list of all the things we, as a group wanted to get out of the day. After each training module, we would revisit our self-appointed 'learning outcomes' and tick off what the module covered. By the end of the day we had covered off each learning outcome over 3 times each. This method that Joe implemented not only gave us the power to steer our learning objectives, it also kept us on track and reinforced what we had learnt in a multi-faceted approach. I cannot sing Joe's praises high enough; I learnt so much from his guidance and he ran the session in a way that created a very safe and collaborative learning environment for all who attended. I would definitely recommend PD Training to others (professional & personal) - especially if Joe is facilitating/training. Please pass on my thanks!"

-Outsource Financial


"Great course. A small group, which allowed time to talk and expand learning. Thank you!"

-Relationships Australia


"The trainer went out of his way to build positive relationships which ensured I was fully engaged through out the day."

-Brisbane City Council


"Gina was awesome. I really felt a connection with her and she engaged really well with myself and other participants. No problems however with this course whatsoever."

-Integra Water Treatment Solutions


"I just had to give 10 to everything!! It was just great. a very worthwhile investment. Thanks for everything Karen and all the best to you in the future!"

-Individual Course Participant


"As a general rule I find 'role play' very unhelpful and silly, but in this course the role play was sensible and done in front of the whole class as well with the trainer, and questioned. Found this helpful and relevant."

-Leeton Shire Council


"A great course to get everyone thinking about dealing internally with each other and with suppliers and customers."

-REDARC Electronics


"Excellent work from the trainer, all questions were addressed. I was able to get the most out of the session."



"The trainer was great and related everything back to our working situation which helped you absorb the information being provided."

-Department of Adolescent Medicine


"One of the big take away messages from the course was the realisation of the importance of my role in how people relate to me, how their words impact me etc."

-Calibre Consulting


"I found the last part of the course is more practical and useful, it relates more to the real work environment and the scenarios that we have everyday."


"Fantastic, the course was made relevant to our field and we were provided with useful tips and suggestions. He talked through a few scenarios with us and helped us to identify a better approach."

-Rapid Global


"Josh was an excellent instructor. He was engaging and patient and he took time to answer questions that may not have been specifically in the course outline but came up during the discussion. The only negative thing I would say is that going with colleagues made it difficult to answer questions 100% as other people knew who I was talking about. I really enjoyed the training and a benefited in my work life and personal life."

-IMI Australia Pty Ltd


"The course outlined to me that being organised, adapting to different personalities and simplifying situations/training can and will result in better outcomes whether with work colleagues or clients. Finding the common ground with individuals both within and out of the organisation will make a happier and more successful workplace.

-JG King


"I found the course informative and valuable to dealing with conflict."

-Australian Federal Police


"Overall great content."

-Ausco Modular


"The trainer was very lively and very good at communicating/telling stories to get the point across. Otherwise it was a very informative, interesting and engaging course."

-JV Office Support


"I enjoyed this course. It was the right amount of information and provided exactly what I needed."

-SA Health


"The trainer was great and tailored the course to me and my colleague."

-Perisher Blue Pty Ltd


"I found the last part of the day very useful when we discussed other phrases that can be used as to not aggravate a conflict or situation."

-SA Water


"The Conflict Resolution training with Anne was excellent. I had a great day, learned a lot and gained useful tools that I can take away to adopt in my professional as well as personal life. Anne was engaging, warm and informative all throughout the course. Thank You."



"Dispute resolution was definitely the most useful."

-L'OCCITANE Australia Pty Ltd


"Really enjoyed the content provided, would have loved to do the full day course."

-Melbourne Comprehensive Eye Surgeons


"Very useful and well structured course."

-James Ruse Agricultural high School


"The topics are interesting."

-L'OCCITANE Australia Pty Ltd


Very good course."

Australian Federal Police


"Student involvement with class activities was great and helped put into practice what was being taught."

Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd


"It was very useful to see how other people saw themselves as well as how everyone has a preference for managing conflict."

"The graphic facilitator was invaluable for this training. We talked a lot about our thoughts on the topics and Owen captured everything brilliantly. It is much more inline with how I learn and helped me to stay on track and retain the information."

"I absolutely loved the addition of the graphic facilitator. It is much more to my learning style, it was fun, and it helped to capture the main points of the day and was really memorable."

"Jen is always an engaging, warm and practical presenter - combining the government 'insider' know-how with careful listening and helpful responses to the training group members. Owen was also a fantastic addition, with the graphic/visual summaries a really great way of condensing the info presented in the course in an accessible and fun way."

Prime Minister & Cabinet


"Trainer was great. Material was great."

"Excellent course and fantastic trainer. Well delivered, relevant and informative."

"Richard was very engaging and helpful to provide further detail to the training material where required."

"Richard was great. Energetic, relative & dynamic. Very Enjoyable."

"Richards natural flexibility and wit to entertain and interact with his audience was exceptional. He made it fun, gave excellent personal, illustrations and yet left nothing in doubt about the key outcomes and reinforced the key skills/hints to ensure those outcomes. Interesting in the context of the course, when he walked into the room and started off with his English accent my personal reaction was somewhat negative... that rapid assessment, but within minutes he had my attention and I was confident of a worthwhile experience and his delivery. A very capable trainer and generally interesting, grounded personality. Sincerely, well done!!"

"Richard was very good, he provided a good mix of science, theory, practical examples and group tasks. The short videos were on topic and helpful. Overall an engaging, helpful and enjoyable workshop well delivered."

"Richard was clear in his advise and in a context that made sense."

"Information on the timing of the brains processing of chemicals released during different types of emotions was very useful in understanding strategies for managing some conflict situations."

G.James Glass & Aluminium


"I found Jo to be incredibly engaging and knowledgeable. His background experience certainly added a depth to the content which made it incredibly interesting for me."


Individual Course Participant


"Joe is a fantastic trainer and I enjoy attending his sessions. His style suits my learning needs. The course has provided me with some new tools that I look forward to putting into practise."


Individual Course Participant


GoldWest Apprenticeships logo
Course was relevant and delivered in a format that allowed all to contribute and relate.

-Goldenwest Apprenticeships
I have been delighted with pd training with the construct and delivery of this course. pd training has assisted me every step of the way, with constructing an outline, preparing the team and building enthusiasm and with the most important follow-up after the course to keep motivation high. I am a raving fan and have been singing pd training's praises to other managers that I network with.

Anne was a great facilitator and handled the group very well. She was aware of the issues that we had and presented the course material in a very careful and structured manner. She was very observant of the reactions of the group. We will definitely ask for Anne at the next workshop.


Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations logo
The trainer was very attentive to all participants needs and wants. Also, very inclusive of all who participated. The training flowed constructively and the content very relevant to work conducted by our agency.

-Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

St John Ambulance logo
Was really pleased to see the effort put into tailoring the course for a group of St John Ambulance personnel. The use of relevant examples certainly captivated the group and enabled them to interact without trying to work out the links between what the presenter said and what they know and understand of their job and its role.

-St John Ambulance

IGa/Metcash logo
Mike does a great job of engaging the whole team. Very enlightening and took plenty away with me to work with.


IGa/Metcash logo
Anne was a great trainer and customised the course to our needs, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it. I would also attend other courses where Anne is the trainer.


IGa/Metcash logo
I have been a training facilitator for many years and Annes energy and enthusiasm was inspiring and I honestly have to say, she is the best trainer I have experienced.


The view of conflict and the change in ones perception of conflict was useful in every day life. Well presented.

-Integrated Chemical and Environmental Systems PL

Malthouse logo
I enjoyed the energy and professionalism with which that the topic was delivered. I learned a lot about me and my customers. And above all else time just went by. Thank you Kliment.

-The Malthouse

Calvary Health Care logo
Great course, well organised, well run & I felt I got a lot out of it...thanks =0)

-Calvary Health Care ACT

Calvary Health Care logo
This course put it all together for me - I now have the tools, the methodology and therefore the confidence to proactively assist my organisation in this area. Thank you to Ross, who really gives so much of himself in his presentations.

-Calvary Health Care ACT

Swinburne University logo
The trainer gave lots of tips on how to handle stress and emotions. She was also very knowledgeable about her subject and used the real situations of participants to show how theories could be applied to any situation being it corporate or on a lower level dealing with person to person situations. he course was most beneficial.

-Swinburne University

Department of Defence logo
Once again, very worthwhile and very enjoyable. Thanks to a great trainer.

-Department of Defence

More happy clients

Course Outline
Conflict Resolution Training Course

Download Conflict Resolution Training Course Outline


Conflict is the result of people having differing needs, opinions, expectations and often completely different individual perspectives. The reality of conflict is that in any human relationship it is inevitable, but if managed well, conflict can provide a powerful avenue for significant personal and professional growth.

Conflict resolution involves recognising and managing a particular conflict as well as being aware of potential upcoming conflicts. This is an essential part of nurturing your relationships. Poorly handled conflict can affect both the employees and the clients, thereby negatively impacting the company’s bottom-line. To maintain your competitive advantage, you need the entire organisation to focus on developing conflict resolution strategies to quickly and effectively resolve conflict, while building trust and commitment with clients and colleagues.


Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 1
Conflict – is it All Bad?
  • Welcome
  • What Do We Mean by Conflict?
  • The Basis of Conflict
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 2
Understanding Your Response to Conflict
  • The Learning Dimension Profile
  • The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 3
What Makes up Conflict?
  • From Wince to Scream
  • Filters
  • Emotions and Conflict
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 4
How Managers Can Add to Conflict
  • Micromanagement
  • Poor Understanding
  • Vague Expectations
  • Setting Poor Standards
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 5
Resolving Conflict Between Others
  • Planning and Setting up a Meeting
  • Running a Mediation Meeting
  • Negotiating a Solution
  • Developing an Agreement
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 6
When Conflict Involves You
  • Conflict Mapping
  • Having a Balanced View
  • Overcoming Resistance to Meet
  • During the Meeting
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 7
Implementing Agreements
  • Paying Attention
  • Follow-up Meetings
  • Reflection
Conflict Resolution Training Course - Lesson 8
  • Create an Action Plan

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Public Class Dates for
Conflict Resolution Training Course


  • Time: 09:00:00 - 16:30:00
  • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
  • Lunch and refreshments included
  • Pay on Invoice or by Credit Card


  • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
  • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)


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Location Date 1 Date 2 Date 3 Date 4
Karstens Conference Centre, Canada House, Level 1, 111 Harrington Street Sydney NSW 2000
March 5
1.0 day course
Last Chance!
$0 for members
April 9
1.0 day course
Filling fast
May 12
1.0 day course
Filling fast
June 18
1.0 day course
Filling fast
Karstens Conference Centre, 123 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000
March 5
1.0 day course
Missed out
April 9
1.0 day course
Filling fast
May 12
1.0 day course
Filling fast
June 18
1.0 day course
Filling fast
PD Training Pty Ltd, Level 2, 21 Mary Street Brisbane QLD 4000
March 5
1.0 day course
Last Chance!
$0 for members
April 9
1.0 day course
Filling fast
May 12
1.0 day course
Filling fast
June 18
1.0 day course
Filling fast
Karstens Conference Centre, Level 1, 111 St. Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000
March 5
1.0 day course
Missed out
April 9
1.0 day course
Filling fast
May 12
1.0 day course
Filling fast
June 18
1.0 day course
Filling fast
International Visualisation Centre, 19 Young Street Adelaide SA 5000
March 5
1.0 day course
Missed out
April 9
1.0 day course
Filling fast
May 12
1.0 day course
Filling fast
June 18
1.0 day course
Filling fast
Flex, 4 National Circuit Canberra ACT 2600
March 5
1.0 day course
Missed out
April 9
1.0 day course
Filling fast
May 12
1.0 day course
Filling fast
June 18
1.0 day course
Filling fast

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More ways we can help achieve lasting change include:

1. Make it Stick Packs - 6 months of 10-15 minute activities to run at meetings

Designed to be easy to use for Team Leaders, Managers, Trainers or other nominated Learning Champions these packs have 6 simple and quick activities to reinforce learning from the original course.

When you choose this option, we provide your nominated Learning Champions with a 90-minute session in how to run the activities so they have the resources and confidence to integrate these into your normal team meetings or as stand alone lunch 'n' learn sessions.

Make it Stick packs are available for all PDT Signature Series courses.

2. Follow-Up Coaching by our Trainers

Our Trainers can come back onsite and run coaching and reinforcment sessions for your team members. These sessions are most commonly 90-minutes long, and are designed to help people share and collaborate, helping them gain insights and confidence to apply what they learned so you see value from the investment in training with a lasting change.

Our purpose is to deliver lasting impact, and we believe this is a powerful step in achieving lasting change, so to encourage you to give your people that extra opportunity to really see change, if you book a follow up session within 90-days of the original course date, we’ll come back onsite for 1/2 price.

3. Physical Products - visual reminders to keep key concepts alive

Many of the 'aha' moments in courses can come from the increased awareness of ourselves and our colleagues, these come through the REACH Profiles that is integrated into many of our courses.

The insights lead us to better recognise our tendencies and strengths, understand how to be more mindful of adapting to the needs and preferences of our team and our customers.

The insights are put into practice by appreciating the benefits of our diversity and either learning to adapt or implementing a strengths-based management approach.

We have a great range of high quality products that can keep these impactful moments top of mind back in the workplace.

REACH to my Team
Visualizer / Reminder

The REACH Team Visualizer/Reminder can be used in multiple ways in both training and in the office. When displayed in a high traffic area REACH will be kept top of mind. Below are guidelines for use of the REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder which is also in downloadable format.

The REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder comes in two sizes of A0 841 x 1189 mm and A1 594 x 841 mm and is made from a sturdy 5mm corflute.

REACH to my Team Visualizer / Reminder guidelines for use

  • For this activity the simplest way to plot all participants on the REACH Grid is by generating TEAM Insights Report from the REACH Ecosystem which will give the position of everyone participating.
  • Place the REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder on a flat surface, preferably a wall, where it is clearly visible. Ask participants to mark their REACH position on the grid with a sticky dot. Recommend that participants put their initials on the sticky dot so they can easily locate themselves later. Each person’s REACH can revealed one at a time in a group activity. This allows for everyone to identify the dynamic that they will have with each other. Are they in the same quadrant or are the polar opposites? How do they "REACH" each other?
  • When you construct this activity with participants who have not seen their REACH score, they begin to develop a sense of self-awareness and their blind spots as well as of those around them.
  • The REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder is a powerful way to keep Team Dynamics and REACH alive. It can be revisited on a regular basis, people can be added, removed or moved by simply adding, removing or moving dots.
Download REACH Team Dynamic Visualiser guidelines

Keep it Alive

REACH Cubes are designed to build empathy and grow an appreciation for thinking differently. They encourage productive and positive interactions in the workplace, workshop or personal development sessions. They can be used in any creative way to grow REACH and below we have provided two recommended activities for use. The REACH Cubes pack comes with 4 REACH Cubes one representing each REACH Quadrant. Each REACH Cube is 7.5 cm squared and are made from durable EVA Foam.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes Activity 1 – Thinking Outside the Square

When people are participating in activities during REACH workshops, training or personal development sessions provide each participant with a REACH Cube and ask them to complete the activity or interaction Thinking and Behaving based on what REACH Cube was provided to them.

Are they the Advisor focused on detail and doing?

or a Coach focused on People and Action?

This brings a whole new level of empathy building and appreciation for the strength of thinking differently.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes Activity 2 – Grow Your REACH in your space

After REACH has been introduced using the REACH Training continue to keep REACH alive in the workplace by providing each person with a set of 4 REACH cubes to take back to their work space.

Personal REACH and the REACH of their colleagues can be grown by using these cubes on a regular basis with these great ideas:

The Desk Stack:

Stack your REACH Cubes on your desk and on top of the stack place the cube that is reflecting your current REACH zone. Ensure that you have the side that says “Thanks for dropping by, right now I am in my __________ quadrant” facing outward so those approaching your work space know how you are feeling and acting at that current time. This is designed to help those around you recognise different behaviours/responses they may or may not receive from you based on the situation and REACH zone.

Think Before I Act:

Use your REACH Cubes to be mindful of your interactions with others. Whilst interacting use the cubes to review your behaviours and actions. Take up the cube of the quadrant you currently feel you are in and review these sides: Think before I act: Is this what I need to be right now? Flip the cube over to the side of the profile overview and think about the style in which you are Communicating, Conflict-handling, Delegating etc. Is this what you need to be to REACH the person you are interacting with? If not find the REACH Cube that best suits the situation and maximises your REACH with that person and use the profile overview to help guide your interaction.

Download REACH Cubes Activity File

Learn to REACH

Learn to REACH Labels are a great low-cost substitute for the REACH Caps or REACH Cubes or the more physically interactive REACH Floor Mat. They work well in small and large team activities and can be used as a quick way to identify how others act and think through a different quadrant that is not theirs. They can learn to appreciate the different communication, conflict handling, delegating, planning and learning styles of others and through this increase their REACH.

The REACH Labels are made of a high quality fabric sticky labels that are designed to last all day training sessions.

These work well after training when stuck to people’s monitors or workstations.

View all of the REACH Training and reinforcement products Here
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Conflict Resolution Training
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