Think on Your Feet® Training (2-days) Course

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Have you ever found yourself rambling on and stumbling for answers? Do you sometimes have a hard time communicating your ideas to others?

The PD Training Think On Your Feet® training course teaches you the "capsules-of-persuasion" concept - 10 plans that structure one's ideas to achieve a quick impact and remove any guesswork from your conversations.

This internationally acclaimed workshop teaches critical skills to help you get your ideas across clearly, concisely and persuasively.

This dynamic training course is now available now throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Parramatta, Adelaide and Perth.

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Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

Your Learning Outcomes
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

After completing this course you will have learned to:

  • Speak with brevity, clarity & persuasiveness
  • Master getting to the point and being remembered
  • Effective fall-back techniques when caught off-guard
  • Present ideas effectively and efficiently
  • Handle questions more quickly, concisely & persuasively
  • Add depth to ones own messages using "visual" pegs
  • Avoid common communication traps
  • Divide information into facets, aspects or perspectives
  • Bridge from question to answer
Duration: 2.0 day course


Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course Reviews:

"Pamela was outstanding. The course material was logical, interesting and easy to use; I will be encouraging my colleagues to access this course. The venue was fine but a little loud when full. Lovely range of teas."

-Department of Employment

-Department of Employment logo

-Department of Employment

“ It was informative .. I think that the techniques definitely helped and you can out them into practise. ”

- A.H. Beard

“ The course was very well run and I think everyone enjoyed it, it was topical and everyone seemed to have input. ”


“ I got a lot out of the sessions and am grateful for some of the tools that can help me in the future.
Thank you very much.

The course was relevant to my needs and the trainer was engaging and knowledgeable - never a dull moment and wasn't pushed into doing things or put on the spot. enjoyed the 2 day session and didn't think 'oh no I have another day of this!' ”

- Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

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Course Outline
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

Download Think on Your Feet® Training (2-days) Course Outline


The ability to Think on Your Feet® is now a core skill. It means getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and being remembered). Everyone wants you to get to the point - Quickly. Think on Your Feet® introduces the “capsules-of-persuasion” concept – 10 plans that structure your ideas quickly for immediate impact.

Learn key skills like how to make decisions quickly, handle difficult questions easily, avoid common communication traps, bridging from question to answer and much more.


Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 1
Getting to the Point & Being Remembered
  • Techniques to Package Persuasion
  • Structuring Ideas Simply and Clearly
  • Speaking in Different Situations:
    • one-on-one
    • on the phone
    • in meetings
    • informal presentations
    • e-mails
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 2
Presenting Your Ideas
  • Using three-part plans to display analysis 
  • Helping your listener understand by placing your ideas into a simple, unifying structure 
  • Relying on structured reasoning to answer questions quickly
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 3
Using Handy Fall-Back Techniques When You're Caught Off Guard
  • Making Sense Out of a Mass of Facts
  • Explaining Step-by-Step Processes Clearly
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 4
Handling Questions Quickly, Clearly and Persuasively
  • Following the “Rule of Threes”
  • Creating Logical Pegs to Hang your Thoughts On
  • Announcing & Recapping
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 5
Using "Visual" Pegs as Your Structure
  • Achieving Impact
  • Supporting Large and Complex Topics
  • Adding Depth to Your Message
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 6
Avoiding Common Communication Traps
  • Keeping on Track
  • Avoiding Information Overload
  • Addressing Your Listener’s Core Concerns
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 7
Dividing Information into Facets, Aspects or Perspectives
  • Achieving Objectivity
  • Expressing Thoughtfulness
  • Addressing Issues from Different Viewpoints
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 8
Bridging from Question to Answer
  • Buying Time
  • Answering the Right Question
  • Handling Objections and Tough Questions Positively
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 9
How to Broaden or Focus Your Listener's Perspective
  • Moving from Detail to Big picture or Vice Versa
  • Handling Sensitive or Confidential Information
  • Countering Sweeping Generalisations
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 10
Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground
  • Negotiating a Win-Win Outcome
  • Dealing with Conversational Topics
  • Moving to Action
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 11
Selling the Benefits of Your Products, Ideas, Services
  • Presenting Benefits not Features
  • Showing Advantages to Your Listener
  • Employing the “So What” Test
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 12
Fleshing Out Your Ideas
  • Using Examples to Increase Understanding and Recall
  • Developing Ideas Through the Use of Opposites
  • Explaining an Idea by Cause and Effect
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 13
Telling a Story: Who? What? Where? Why? When?
  • Ensuring all relevant information is included 
  • Arranging the 5W's as your idea peg
  • Combining the 5W's with other techniques
Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 14
Combining Think on Your Feet® Formats to Build Longer Presentations
  • Shaping content for your listeners
  • Preparing informal and formal presentations quickly and effectively
  • Delivering a persuasive message

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Embed Learning A great training course is only the beginning to lasting change.

To help you get lasting change from training we engage your participants

Before training

Pre course activity & chat with the trainer about personal learning goals

During training

At the course conclusion participants are encouraged to add an action plan and select an accountability buddy

After training

  • Participants can access course materials and extension content + more
  • If they picked an accountability buddy, they will have that meeting as well

We welcome your participants for Refresher Training on our public classes at no cost for 12-months (subject to availability)

All made easy via our orgmenta participant app

More ways we can help achieve lasting change include:

1. Make it Stick Packs - 6 months of 10-15 minute activities to run at meetings

Designed to be easy to use for Team Leaders, Managers, Trainers or other nominated Learning Champions these packs have 6 simple and quick activities to reinforce learning from the original course.

When you choose this option, we provide your nominated Learning Champions with a 3-hour session in how to run the activities so they have the resources and confidence to integrate these into your normal team meetings or as stand alone lunch 'n' learn sessions.

Make it Stick packs are available for all PDT Signature Series courses.

2. Follow-Up Coaching by our Trainers

Our Trainers can come back onsite and run coaching and reinforcment sessions for your team members. These sessions are most commonly 90-minutes long, and are designed to help people share and collaborate, helping them gain insights and confidence to apply what they learned so you see value from the investment in training with a lasting change.

Our purpose is to deliver lasting impact, and we believe this is a powerful step in achieving lasting change, so to encourage you to give your people that extra opportunity to really see change, if you book a follow up session within 90-days of the original course date, we’ll come back onsite for 1/2 price.

3. Physical Products - visual reminders to keep key concepts alive

Many of the 'aha' moments in courses can come from the increased awareness of ourselves and our colleagues, these come through the REACH Profiles that is integrated into many of our courses.

The insights lead us to better recognise our tendencies and strengths, understand how to be more mindful of adapting to the needs and preferences of our team and our customers.

The insights are put into practice by appreciating the benefits of our diversity and either learning to adapt or implementing a strengths-based management approach.

We have a great range of high quality products that can keep these impactful moments top of mind back in the workplace.

REACH to my Team
Visualizer / Reminder

The REACH Team Visualizer/Reminder can be used in multiple ways in both training and in the office. When displayed in a high traffic area REACH will be kept top of mind. Below are guidelines for use of the REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder which is also in downloadable format.

The REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder comes in two sizes of A0 841 x 1189 mm and A1 594 x 841 mm and is made from a sturdy 5mm corflute.

REACH to my Team Visualizer / Reminder guidelines for use

  • For this activity the simplest way to plot all participants on the REACH Grid is by generating TEAM Insights Report from the REACH Ecosystem which will give the position of everyone participating.
  • Place the REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder on a flat surface, preferably a wall, where it is clearly visible. Ask participants to mark their REACH position on the grid with a sticky dot. Recommend that participants put their initials on the sticky dot so they can easily locate themselves later. Each person’s REACH can revealed one at a time in a group activity. This allows for everyone to identify the dynamic that they will have with each other. Are they in the same quadrant or are the polar opposites? How do they "REACH" each other?
  • When you construct this activity with participants who have not seen their REACH score, they begin to develop a sense of self-awareness and their blind spots as well as of those around them.
  • The REACH Team Visualizer / Reminder is a powerful way to keep Team Dynamics and REACH alive. It can be revisited on a regular basis, people can be added, removed or moved by simply adding, removing or moving dots.
Download REACH Team Dynamic Visualiser guidelines

Keep it Alive

REACH Cubes are designed to build empathy and grow an appreciation for thinking differently. They encourage productive and positive interactions in the workplace, workshop or personal development sessions. They can be used in any creative way to grow REACH and below we have provided two recommended activities for use. The REACH Cubes pack comes with 4 REACH Cubes one representing each REACH Quadrant. Each REACH Cube is 7.5 cm squared and are made from durable EVA Foam.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes Activity 1 – Thinking Outside the Square

When people are participating in activities during REACH workshops, training or personal development sessions provide each participant with a REACH Cube and ask them to complete the activity or interaction Thinking and Behaving based on what REACH Cube was provided to them.

Are they the Advisor focused on detail and doing?

or a Coach focused on People and Action?

This brings a whole new level of empathy building and appreciation for the strength of thinking differently.

Keep it Alive REACH Cubes Activity 2 – Grow Your REACH in your space

After REACH has been introduced using the REACH Training continue to keep REACH alive in the workplace by providing each person with a set of 4 REACH cubes to take back to their work space.

Personal REACH and the REACH of their colleagues can be grown by using these cubes on a regular basis with these great ideas:

The Desk Stack:

Stack your REACH Cubes on your desk and on top of the stack place the cube that is reflecting your current REACH zone. Ensure that you have the side that says “Thanks for dropping by, right now I am in my __________ quadrant” facing outward so those approaching your work space know how you are feeling and acting at that current time. This is designed to help those around you recognise different behaviours/responses they may or may not receive from you based on the situation and REACH zone.

Think Before I Act:

Use your REACH Cubes to be mindful of your interactions with others. Whilst interacting use the cubes to review your behaviours and actions. Take up the cube of the quadrant you currently feel you are in and review these sides: Think before I act: Is this what I need to be right now? Flip the cube over to the side of the profile overview and think about the style in which you are Communicating, Conflict-handling, Delegating etc. Is this what you need to be to REACH the person you are interacting with? If not find the REACH Cube that best suits the situation and maximises your REACH with that person and use the profile overview to help guide your interaction.

Download REACH Cubes Activity File

Learn to REACH

Learn to REACH Labels are a great low-cost substitute for the REACH Caps or REACH Cubes or the more physically interactive REACH Floor Mat. They work well in small and large team activities and can be used as a quick way to identify how others act and think through a different quadrant that is not theirs. They can learn to appreciate the different communication, conflict handling, delegating, planning and learning styles of others and through this increase their REACH.

The REACH Labels are made of a high quality fabric sticky labels that are designed to last all day training sessions.

These work well after training when stuck to people’s monitors or workstations.

View all of the REACH Training and reinforcement products Here
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Think on Your Feet® Training (2-days)
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