Leadership Development Training - Managing your Team - 3hours

The PD Training Leadership Development Training Online Live course is a practical course that provides participants with an impactful learning journey that develops insight and skills to develop as a leader, and teaches functional management skills that are core competencies required by people in leadership roles.

In this dynamic, 1/2 day professional development program, you'll learn how to be an effective leader that is self-aware, builds trust, and can inspire a high performing team. You'll also learn management skills such as problem solving, decision making, giving feedback and performance management.

This is a practical class that is suitable for all audiences and provides people with the tools that they can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day.

This is an instructor-led class that you can attend from home or your office.

We use secure Video Conferencing with interactive features such as live polling, screen sharing, whiteboards, live chat and breakout sessions. Please discuss your preferred platform, most commonly we use Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex or Zoom upon request.

These courses are facilitated in English, and are open to people from different industries in all countries especially across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea - this is a short but powerful learning experience that gives you global collaboration opportunities.

Our trainers and processes have been refined to give you a personalised learning experience where it is specifically targeted to your needs & see our outcomes in the reviews. 

**Please note, these classes run to a very tight schedule, please follow the invitation and join the class 10-minutes prior to commencement so you are ready to participate and don't miss a minute!

Leadership Development Training - Managing your Team - 3hours
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4.86 out of 5 from 22 responses

Your Learning Outcomes

In this course participants will learn how to: 

  • Encourage Teamwork and boost performance
  • Coach and Mentor your team to greatness
  • Provide effective Feedback to inspire greater performance with engagement and buy-in
  • Identify and apply strategies to manage underperforming members of the team 

Duration: 0.5 day course Live Online Experts


Leadership Development Training - Managing your Team - 3hours Reviews:

"I found all the course useful. A better understanding of the people you are working with, the reason why they do it that way."

UWS Connect Ltd


"Excellent course content, with the facilitator making it more interesting with his wealth of experience and stories."

-Life Without Barriers


"Great training and great venue. Good size group."

-Act for Kids


"I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day leadership course. I got so much out of it and will use it in my day to day activities and tasks at work especially using a to do list every day from now on great idea. The trainer Ben Faranda was fantastic and awesome. Ben made me feel comfortable and he made the learning interesting and fun. Thanks so much Ben much appreciated."

 "Very useful for all aspects of my job and personal life."

 "This course has provided me a greater understanding of co-workers therefore enabling more cohesiveness and harmony when dealing with a varieties of diverse personalities. This understanding will provide better choices in terms of delegating work loads."

"The trainer, Ben was very adaptive to the needs of the students."

 "I found the training to be very informative and enjoyable and have learnt a great deal."


"I find the content to be motivating and inspiring. I love the ability to contribute in discussion."

-Department of Education, Training


"Actually this course going to be very helpful to me and it was a wonderful trainer and class which I attended on 19th and 20th October. I learned lot of styles and Way to deal as a Leader of the team. I feel confident to work as a Team Leader in my organisation."

-EBL Disability Services Inc.


"Was pleasantly surprised how helpful this course was, I learnt a few techniques to use in my line of business and home life."

-Stag Developments (WA) Pty Ltd (3-Hour Power Session)


"Derek is the most efficient, personable and knowledgeable Facilitator that I have studied with in 40 years of attending training courses. I admire him and thank him."

-Kalwun Development Corporation


"The trainer was very engaging and made everyone feel comfortable.Although the course was out of my comfort level at times,I found it very interesting and learned a lot about myself and others.Overall,a very valuable experience for me."


"Anne was an excellent trainer. She asked the right questions to provoke relevant discussion. She put me at ease and explained content very well."

-MidCoast Water


"Enthusiastic trainer, good tool kit in the manual."

"Thank you for the training I enjoyed every part of the training I feel that its made me feel very much assertive and comfortable in my decisions that Ive been making over the past year or so."



"Anne was brilliant. She has a real talent for reading people, and is right on target. She captured the attention of our whole class of 14 participants and held that attention for 2 full days. Brilliant skills, a wealth of knowledge and experiences. The conversations back in the office are very positive and full of enthusiasm."

-MidCoast Water


"I was very amazed by what the course brought out to what I never thought of, I have learned so much from it, I know I am able to do and lead in a way that I never thought off, thank you for making me understand the meaning of being a good leader and a role model to my team and my peers."


"Anne made the day fun,informative and exciting. Learnt a lot and can't wait to put it all in action."

-Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour


"The program was condensed into one day, do it was fast-paced but it wasn't too fast. no powerpoints is a change and a good change (no death by powerpoint). Engaging interactive; role playing was important and good."


"Noel was fantastic. She was engaging and I really enjoyed how she delivered the course material."

-Customised Course for Fitness Australia


"In 45 years of attending training courses Derek is in the top 1% of some very good trainers. He is excellent in his approach, his knowledge base and his presentation style."

-Kalwun Development Corporation


"Trainer was engaging with real life scenarios and worked our own examples into the training which was useful."

-Qcity Transit


"Fantastic trainer excellent engagement stimulated discussion. One of the best leadership sessions I have done."


"I found the trainer to be a very effective trainer she was engaging and interested in all participants. I think her communication style was great and very suited to the participants. The course was good and I learnt some new and practical ways to deal with issues particularly performance management."

-NSW Nurses & Midwive's Association


"I found the course extremely beneficial the trainer was great her Technic & knowledge also the way she kept us on track was superb."

-Fairfax Media


"I have never been involved in any course like this before and felt very comfortable with Andrew as he has a great vibe and energy level and made the course entertaining and fun. Thank you Andrew."

"I have been on many courses that had content that I needed, then walked away not quite getting it because of the delivery. The delivery of this course was brilliant and that's what made the difference."

"I really enjoy a course when it is mixed with personal examples from the trainer. This confirms and reinforces the lesson, quite often in an entertaining way which helps us all to remember. Well Done Andrew."

-Moama RSL


"Eric was a awesome Trainer, he was such an inspirational person, the real leadership experiences he shared really helped me stay focused. I found this course to be a great refresher and I will be able to use the tools provided throughout the two days. Thanks!"

"Eric was fantastic, his ability to give detailed,specific examples invaluable. He has so much experience and knowledge to share, he is so inspirational to listen too."

"Eric did a fantastic job teaching this session. He knew the subject well and taught with a lot of enthusiasm. I especially enjoyed hearing about his experiences in in the military. He would bring it back and tie it into the lessons and make them applicable to the course. I will be recommending him to everyone I know how may be in need of a facilitator for Leadership Development Training."



"I'm hoping that the rest of our team will actually use these new skills in our work place and how can encourage them to use this information."

-Glen Ewin


"Trainer really understood the topic at a deep level, not just at as surface 'training' level."

-Atsys Pty Ltd


"The trainer made the course much more enjoyable, he kept it interactive but not in an uncomfortable way, it was a very enjoyable course and I appreciated the venue as well. Thank you :)"

-Relationships Australia Queensland


"The trainer I had Anne was one of the most wonderful trainers I have ever had, she was knowledgeable and very business focussed and opened my eyes to a lot..."

-Stix Catering Pty Ltd


"I felt more engagement during this course compared to others I have attended from both students and trainer. Surprisingly, the content was more timely and relevant than I had expected."



"Really good course - great location, Karen was a fantastic trainer. It's a lot of content in two days to take in. Maybe, a few more case studies could be incorporated. but really impressive course overall."

-William Angliss Institute


"The interaction was great very appropriate in meeting our needs. Thank you again Derek."

-Relationships Australia Queensland


"This course has enabled me to recognise my team members strengths, personality type (counsellor, advisor etc) and will help me in the future on how I deal with these team members is most situations. I believe that this course can be extended to a three (3) day course as in the course I attended the interaction and engagement between the trainer and the trainees was great."

-Individual Course Participant


"Anne was a quality trainer who showed great enthusiasm and knowledge in the course content. She showed great engagement and technique which ensured participation from all attendees. In would highly recommend Anne to fellow colleagues or people in my field/business."

-Young Guns


"The trainer made the course much more enjoyable, he kept it interactive but not in an uncomfortable way, it was a very enjoyable course and I appreciated the venue as well. Thank you :)"

-Relationships Australia Queensland


"Although the training just took a day, I had learned so much. I will definitely apply all the useful information in practice and share this with my team."

-Able Computing


"I was quite nervous and unsure of how the training would be tailored but Jill was an excellent trainer that quickly put everyone at ease and ensured a comfortable and safe environment for the participants. She was responsive to participants requirements and this enabled the coursed to progress according to the needs of the participants while still covering off all the components of the training. An interesting, informative and beneficial course that made me step outside of my comfort zone and challenged my thinking in a positive way."

"I was quite nervous prior to attending the course, the trainer created a safe learning environment and I really enjoyed the two-day course. The activities used to reinforce what had been learned were great - I feel I am well placed to begin applying some of my learning's in the workplace and look forward to attending a refresher course later this year."

-WA Country Health Service Great Southern


"Presented very well."



"Our trainer was able to keep the whole group engaged until the last few hours."

"Siobahn did a wonderful job. Very engaging and friendly."

-GTA Consultants


"The training has brought a huge impact on the action I need to take in this work scenario I'm currently in. Be more a leader than being comfortable assisting in the field and doing the work for them. Fantastic trainer and easy to follow student manual."

-Unicharm Australasia Pty Ltd


"The course is fantastic. It is a good grounding in situational management."



"Most useful was learning about different leadership styles and the need for a mission/vision statement as it is more difficult to set goals if you don't have anything to attach them to."

-Australian Federal Police


"This was a fantastic course that was relevant and well delivered. I am confident that the management tools we were introduced to (including those related to time management, stress management and work-load management) will prove extremely useful in my day-to-day activities and my overall productivity in the workplace. The content centered around what we need to be effective leaders was excellent and I believe it will assist me as I further develop in this area. I also found the emphasis on self-awareness and mindfulness highly apt as I think this is an area that often gets overlooked yet is really important. Overall, this was a excellent course and I'm looking forward to seeing how different areas of my work and life will improve as a result! Thanks Siobhan!"

-GTA Consultants


"The trainer Josh is a breath of fresh air. He is the best adult educator I have had experience with. I never get bored in his classes."

"Becoming aware of leadership styles and how often we utilise all styles. Finding more time for work life balance. Great tips."

"Josh our trainer was exceptional. 3 extraordinary days."

"Leadership and Emotional Intelligence it will be great to put to practice what I have learnt."

-Arcare Pty Ltd


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Leadership Development Training lead by Derrick, particularly the way the information was presented and how the group work was facilitated. I would love to see a follow up to this course perhaps for individuals who have been a leadership role for a few years as a next step. Thanks again Derrick!"

-Mater Foundation


"This is an excellent course. To be honest, I would not change a thing."

-Individual Course Participant


"The activities which were integrated in to the course we very well timed to keep energy and engagement levels high. Richard also clearly had knowledge of our company, however I felt was very successful in integrated that knowledge in to his presentation in a way that was meaningful and linked the course to our particular situation. It was also fantastic that Richard has real world experience in management staff and spoke about his own experience to assist our understanding of what we could achieve."

"The course covered the areas of importance relevant to our company and current staff."

"I got a lot out of the course on both a business and personal level in regards to self-awareness and communication skills. I felt having a training with a successful business background instantly gave me confidence in his ability as a trainer."

"Richard was energetic, enthusiastic and full of passion it was a pleasure to be in his company."

-Smoke Alarm Solutions


"Thoroughly enjoyed the Training and it was great being part of a small group of participants. Really enjoyed how the learning was presented to connect to practical application and encouraging participants to understand the theory. Fantastic presentation."

-Search Light Inc.


"First formal trading in over 30 years has inspired me to do more many thanks Derek."

-Rochele Painting


"Two day session was very engaging and presentation was excellent. I enjoyed the small group participation and comfortable vibe."

-Ultiqa Beach Haven


"Good use of Metaphors and analogies relation to the core subject that can be used on a day to day basis to assist with memory and tips to enforce strategies."

-Australasia Pty Ltd


"We only had 3 in the class so activities were keep to a minimum. Leigh is really good at adding his knowledge and experience to the course."

-Adelaide Fuel Distributors


"At the time some of the processes and exercises felt slow, but upon reflection it allowed enough time for information to sink in. Practicing scenarios in class of learned styles was very helpful as it allowed the ability to utilise those styles immediately in the the workplace, so more of that could be helpful."

-Designed To Stick


"I found learning about the different management styles very useful. Understanding how to approach and handle different circumstances that may pop up during work hours and during personal events."

 "Richard was great in changing the course on the run to suit what the students needs were , I needed some information on conflict resolution and it was implemented very well and I felt that it gave the course a more personal touch rather then read the book and answer the question type course . Loved the entire course and would love to do more of this type training."

"Ann was very much in touch with the delivery material, gave ample examples of scenarios that related to the subject, very good at engaging the audience including those who were less inclined to participate. Also recommended good reads that were relevant to good management."

"I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and a better understanding who my people are in the team. The four fundamentals discussed in learning to adapt, telling, participate and delegating."

-JJ Richards and Sons Pty Ltd


"The interactive and enthusiasm of the trainer made the session more enjoyable and entertaining; good approach to ensure participation from the trainees. Good technique of learning by having different ways of teaching the same topic."

-Arcare Pty Ltd


"I thoroughly enjoyed delving deeply into the four profiles and gaining an insight into the thought processes of people with a different profile to myself, which helped me to identify possible reasons for why there has been a disconnect at times with staff that have a very different profile to myself. Anne was fantastic at encouraging specific examples/current issues with staff to workshop in order to identify the barriers to effective communication/outcomes and what different approaches exist that might have more of a win/win result. Anne is one of the best facilitators I've had for a course like this. I found it useful that she could talk from her own experiences, rather than just being a trainer teaching course content, and she had an excellent way of drawing the answers out of people/continuing to re-frame things until we were able to provide her with the answers/solutions, rather than just telling us them (i.e. a better approach to a situation that had been brought up). Anne's easy going and enthusiastic delivery kept the content interesting and engaging, never once being perturbed by the 'less than enthusiastic' attendees. Thanks Anne, I got stacks out of the training!!!"

-JJ Richards and Sons Pty Ltd


"Came into this course wanting to fine tune a few area's. Derrick was able to really hone in to those areas and gave me some great insight and knowledge and I came away from the training feeling a lot my confident and structured in my role. Thank you for the last 2 days Derrick, this has been a fantastic opportunity for me and for Jumbo."



"Trainer was knowledgeable and was able to adapt the learning into practical environment."



"Trainer did a great job. It was a small group which made it great for interaction and learning."

-Individual Course Participant


"The trainer was excellent. The small number in the course enabled me to participate in a way that I may not have participated with a larger number of participants. "

-Legal Aid QLD


"Mark, the trainer was very knowledgeable and was very helpful through out the course."

-Total Surveying Solutions Pty Ltd


"I found the Profiling helpful. I obviously have a lot more to do and learn, but it gave me a good starting point."

-Walinga Australia Pty Ltd Tas Customvac Australia


"Jo was great, highly engaging and brought the training to life. I found the course overall very interesting and interactive and I came away with a lot to think about in terms of leadership and areas I can work on. Would fully recommend (and have already to others in my business).

-B & K Consulting (Aust) Pty Limited


"Brilliant course and with excellent content and delivered exceptionally by Joe."

-Right Media


"Peter was presenting the topics very professionally - his ability to bring everyone into the play was excellent. It has been very pleasant interactive training and really great and memorable experience. Thanks!"

"The profile part is really powerful and interatcion between participants were very good. I would like to have more case study if possible."

The George Institute for Global Health


"The core material for the course was excellent and the concepts introduced were easy to understand and rationalize. I felt the handbook was a good stand alone resource."

Riverland Group


"Most useful was learning about leadership styles and emotional intelligence."

"This course exceeded my expectations. I found it quite relevant and many times insightful."

QML Pathology


"The highlights of the training were that it pointed out how to identify opportunities to change, grow and improve in many fields. It showed us, by questioning and listening to everyone with a positive attitude, answers come from the least likely places. We learned about leadership and leadership characteristics. It showed us how to work effectively with and the dos and don’ts of interacting with different personality styles. It showed us how to effectively give feedback and the engagement of groups. We were shown how to overcome generational differences, made aware of listening mistakes that are made and shown the skills of active listening. The training also highlighted that with strong leadership and goals, clear rolls and responsibilities, effective policies and procedures, and team credibility, these 4 elements together made up a high performance team."


"If I could give Gil 11/10 I would. I have had trouble with training courses in the past when I quickly become disinterested and stop paying attention. Gil kept me focused and engaged the whole time and kept the energy of the room high and engaged."


Allied Pinnacle


Christadelphian Aged Care logo
It was a small group which meant that there was the opportunity for more input from all participants and it also meant the we formed a good rapport with each other. I would strongly recommend this course to others.

-Christadelphian Homes Ltd

Lycos logo
The trainer is very knowledgeable and experienced. She always make suggestion or refer to possible scenario and real life example to better understand the theories that had been presented. She encourage and help students to develop confidence and reinforce the skill set that just learned with activities. It was a excellent environment with the group participating and sharing their experience. Student manual content is simple and easy to understand. Some colour content and graphical presentation may improve reading interest. Great job and keep up the work.


Hafele Australia logo
Jess enjoyed the course and hopes to put in practice the principles she has learnt.

-Hafele Australia Pty Ltd

Queensland Nurses Union logo
Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed the training. There was lots there that I found helpful and transferable. I will be writing a positive report to my employer about the course so there may be more participants from here in the future.

-Queensland Nurses' Union

Queensland Nurses Union logo
Thoroughly enjoyed the course the content and the presenter. Thank you.

-Queensland Nurses' Union

Queensland Nurses Union logo
Troy was great. Very obvious he had put a lot of effort and preparation into making the two days as useful as possible. Would recommend to others. Thank you.

-Queensland Nurses' Union

Department of Education and Training logo
Richard was great, fun and logical training with practical examples. Enjoyed all topics.

-Department of Education, Training

Department of Education and Training logo
Richard was the best trainer. Have learnt some of these theories in previous training sessions but Richard brought a whole new perspective to some of them and have learnt a whole new persepective.

-Department of Education, Training

Department of Education and Training logo
I really enjoyed this training. Would definetly recommend this trainer and course.

-Department of Education, Training

Department of Education and Training logo
Thouroughly enjoyed listening to Richard. Course content was amazing. I have never been so captured with a course as i was with this Leadership course. The way Richard delivered the training was so inspiring. Thanks Richard, i learnt so much.

-Department of Education, Training

Department of Education and Training logo
This was the best training that I have had been to. He was able to put everyone at ease and he did not do any ole playing in front of the whole class which was a plus :)

-Department of Education, Training

Department of Education and Training logo
Contemporary, leading edge advice and tips for leaders in today's business world. Our Consultant (Richard) kept the course interesting, fast pased and engaging. Thank you.

-Department of Education, Training

More happy clients

Download Course Outline (PDF)

The PD Training Leadership Development Training Program has been highly praised by our business clients as the essential skills required to be a talented leader are presented in a format that is both informative and empowering at the same time.<

Through patience, persistence and hard work, anyone can become a highly effective leader. The responsibility is on you to implement the strategies taught in this course, and to identify and correct changes in certain behaviours which may be quite difficult.  The skills required to be a great team player are not always the same skills required to effectively lead the team. This is why Executive Leadership Development is so highly sought after by most successful companies.

The primary role of a leader also requires a thorough understanding of the team’s needs, aspirations and concerns, so it is important to have excellent listening and facilitation skills as well as highly developed abilities to coach and mentor others. This Leadership and Development Training Program will teach you that effective leadership starts with a thorough understanding of oneself, which then allows you to support and lead others towards stated organisational goals.


Course Outline for Leadership Development Training - Managing your Team - 3hours

Topic 1
Encouraging Teamwork
  • Lessons from Geese
  • What the Leader Can Do
  • Reflection
Topic 2
Coaching and Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Introducing the G.R.O.W. Model
  • Benefits of Setting Goals
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Reflection
Topic 3
  • Four Key Areas
  • Types of Feedback
  • Feedback Delivery Tools
  • Feedback Using the SBI model
  • Seeking Feedback
  • Reflection
Topic 4
Managing Performance
  • Common Performance Issues
  • How to Manage Underperformance
  • Taking Initial Action
  • Taking Formal Action
  • Underperformance Meeting Plan
  • Reflection

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Unless you have a preferred tools we use 'Zoom for Education' that includes enhanced collaboration features such as One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation (people can work together in activity files), and digital whiteboarding, we also include things like live polls and group chats so you virtually have the same collaborative learning experience of attending a course in a room with other people.

live online & hybrid

We have delivered these 100's (if not 1000's) of times, and get great outcomes. We achieve great outcomes because we keep our learner centric approach - just because it’s delivered through a screen to some or all participants doesn’t mean it needs to be less tailored or less personalised.

You still have an expert trainer who talks to you prior to the session and tailors the delivery to use your terminology, ensure activities are relevant and directly applicable and ensures an engaging learning experience that provide people with skills and techniques they can apply the very next day.

A hybrid class is with some people connecting online, and some people physically together in the same room.

Live Online Participant Feedback:

90% Overall Trainer Rating

88% Delivery was Adapted to me Personally

75% I Would Recommend this Course to Someone Else

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My Action Plan
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Public Class Dates for Leadership Development Training - Managing your Team - 3hours


  • Time: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
  • Lunch and refreshments included
  • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
  • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)
  • Pay on Invoice or by Credit Card


Online Training
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