Achieving Better Time Management While Working from Home - 3hours

Working from home is here to stay. Have you managed the balance to ensure you separate work life from home life? Can you switch off?  The PD Training Managing your Time effectively whilst from home 3-hour live, online Training Course will help you to set boundaries, ensure productivity during peak times and acheive effective time management strategies such as goal setting, task prioritisation and delegation, applying Pareto's 80/20 rule, managing emails, overcoming the procrastination habit and much more. 

Time Management rules still apply whilst working from home. You may have saved an hour from not travelling to the office, so lets utilise that time to be more productive and this doesn't have to mean working at your desk. Do the right things at the right times to ensure you are effective and efficient. 

This is a practical class that is suitable for all audiences and provides people with the tools that they can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day.This is an instructor-led class that you can attend from home or your office. 

We use secure Video Conferencing with interactive features such as live polling, screen sharing, whiteboards, live chat and breakout sessions. Please discuss your preferred platform, most commonly we use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex or other platforms upon request. 

These courses are facilitated in English, and are open to people from different industries in all countries especially across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong - this is a short but powerful learning experience that gives you global collaboration opportunities. 

Our trainers and processes have been refined to give you a personalised learning experience where it is specifically targeted to your needs. 

**Please note, these classes run to a very tight schedule, please follow the invitation and join the class 10-minutes prior to commencement so you are ready to participate and don't miss a minute!

Your Learning Outcomes

After Completing this course you will know how to:

  • Set boundaries 
  • Prioritise effectively
  • Plan strategically
  • Gain lasting skills to tackle procrastination
  • Handle high pressure, crisis situations with ease
  • Learn to organise the workspace for efficiency
Duration: 0.5 day course Live Online Experts


Achieving Better Time Management While Working from Home - 3hours Reviews:

"Easily the best PD I have done in a very long time.  Learnt a lot and have started some of the ideas and suggestions."


"Content was delivered in a way i now feel confident to do a PD with the rest of my office colleagues and pass the information on. Highly recommended!"

"It was a really great session. Sometimes PD's can seem to drag on and most participants are keen to get away as early as possible. I noticed it was 4:15pm and most people even though the finish time was 4pm were still keen to chat and ask questions. The energy levels were kept high and I found the day moved quickly, but in a way that information was easy to retain.I have already implemented 2 of the practises - sacred time or a meeting with myself and the use of body language to discourage "chatters" with out offending. I have already recommended this to the Principal and would go to another pd with this trainer."

"Breaking allocated tasks in work quadrants...learning about "loading" .  Great session...was very timely:)"

"Easily the best PD I have done in a very long time.  Learnt a lot and have started some of the ideas and suggestions. Didn't want the day to end - which is rather unusual."

"Content was delivered in a way i now feel confident to do a PD with the rest of my office colleges and pass the information on. Highly recommended."

"Deidre really tailored this presentation to our specific needs. Personalising the content made it much more relevant and easier to absorb. Excellent."

"I loved and found extremely interesting the links between time management and behaviour styles.The trainer was very knowledgeable in this area."

"Deidre kept the class interested and engaged throughout the whole day of PD. The best presentation I've been to."

-Department of Education and Training - South East Region


"Overall, it was a very engaging session, and although curtailed from our end, the three topics discussed were relevant and excellent tips were providing in achieving better Time Management results in our day to day tasks."

-Fair Work Ombudsman


 "Is so new to me about the 80/20 rule. Where it shows me that I just need to make some simple adjustment to my normal habits to have my results count."

-M Consulting Engineers


"I enjoyed the course, I found the trainer easy to listen to. A lot of the processes I already use in my working environment and I also took away some new. thank you."

-Roma Mitchell Secondary College


"I thought the training was fantastic! Jo was a great teacher, and really got everyone involved with the learning process. I enjoyed the practical activities, as well as the insight that Jo provided on various aspects of time management. I liked the small class approach where we had the opportunity to discuss ideas and thoughts. I felt that my areas of need were given strong consideration. It was really nice to know that the other class members had similar issues... not just me lacking in certain skills! The location and facilities were good. It was convenient being located near the train station, and there were no distracting elements during the class."

-Hafele Australia


"This is the second time I've had Troy as a trainer. He is very engaging and personable whilst remaining on topic. In this session he used his own experience and passion for the topic (time management) which gave the information more merit. I found the Productivity List and goal setting tools most useful."



"I loved this: "Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it is spent." Louise gave us reference to books and talks appropriate to this training."

"The day was interesting and enjoyable. The Trainer was professional and commanded attention to provide a very informative workshop."

-Bega Garnbirringu Health Services


"I really enjoyed the whole day with Derek. It was really interesting content, delivered in an engaging way with practical advice and skills that I can put into practice straight away."

-Ungerboeck Software International


"The course was very use full . has given me some very use full hints in team of how to manage Plan my day to day job."

" of the best speakers, facilitators I have come across, kept everyone engaged for the whole day."

"Anne was vibrant, enthusiastic and built a great rapport with our group. It was an enlightening course and full of great energy - hats off to Anne for a great day!"

-Qantas Credit Union


"I started to use the Productivity List straight away, I find it to be a very useful tool. I believe I'll continue to use it. The facilitator was brilliant, Troy I believe, he made the training exciting and I didn't want to fall asleep. Good job."

-Mount Isa Mines - Copper Operations


"Most useful: how to link theories on time management into daily tasks."

-Australian Bluegum Plantations


"it was precise and very enjoyable as well as helpful for a MACcentric user."



"Very handy tips and tricks for me to use."

-Vantage Automotive Pty Ltd


"Ann is a fantastic trainer. No boring bits - loads of great information. The course has reinforced what I know I should be doing with how I manage my time and it inspired me to get going in practise. A great course, very worthwhile and highly recommendable. Great facilitator!"



"I found the trainer approachable and adapted to each students needs. She gave us tools I am now trying to implement."

-Frankston City Council


"Great course, engaging and informative."

-Ernst and Young Services


"Troy was able to deliver the training and information in an engaging and humorous way. Which not only kept us focus but we were able to retain more. Thank you."

"Enjoyed the session - take home tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately and are useful in the workplace."

-Bond University


"Very up beat trainer, was vibrant and enthusiastic right through the day. Very knowledgeable on what she was presenting."

-Cummins South Pacific PTY LTD


"The topic in maximisng productivity is definitely the most useful part of the course. It taught us to improve spending less time on activites that are of little to no value - becoming more organized and productive would eliminate unnecessary stress at work as well."

-Brookfield Property Partners


"Been to a number of Timer Management courses in my time and found this one to be one of the betters. Thank you."

-Cummins South Pacific PTY LTD


"Great course. Derrick was very knowledgeable and gave us some great ideas to work with."

-Qld Dept Transport And Main Roads


"I was very happy with the course. I came in not really knowing what to expect, as I was fairly confident with my
"Time Management" skills, but this course identified some techniques that were interesting accurate for identifying priorities. I came in with an open mind, and I left very satisfied and more confident. Everything covered in the course made sense, and gave me validation, that what I have been doing is on the right track, and what I need to do more of is "Discipline myself" in keeping to the time-frame of my working schedule."

-Austral Asia Line Pte Ltd


"Very happy with the course offering - valuable skills and tools gained to deal with procrastination, prioritising, delegation."

-ATEM Queensland Region 

"We had a condensed course, due to time restrictions (90 minutes) so I am fully aware that we had to speed though the content. Having said that the facilitator was one of the most professional, well prepared and easy to understand presenters I have experienced thorough Glen Eira Council training. Great job."

"Excellent course. Very handy tips. Thank you."

"I found the program useful and could implement this training session for my work place time management. Very insightful.

"Great session, although it was short it was quite informative and provided many tips on identifying priorities, making lists and ways in which to deal/plan for interruptions. So much more that could be covered but given the time it was great. Highly recommend it to those who are feeling lost in their work environment. Michaela mad great use of the flip chart to make points and interact with the group."

-Glen Eira City Council


"Obviously trainer knows her stuff - she is passionate about this topic. Realistically Time Management is something we've all looked at previously - we just need regular reminders and tips on how to make it work."

-Deakin University


"Joseph was simply amazing! this course was exactly what we needed. He was so humanistic and so knowledgeable. we absolutely enjoyed the day and we learnt so much. It was fantastic."

-Teachers Mutual Bank


"I took away the prioritising of tasks and have already started to employ this technique."

"I really enjoyed the content!Especially with delegation, prioritisation and assertiveness. It really helped in setting my planning for success."

-CXC Global


"I enjoyed the time management training much more than the motivation training as it was more tangible and applicable. The motivation was good too, it is just more difficult to put it into practice."

-Austcorp Executive


"I found the Time Management Course to be beneficial in providing me with strategies to better manage my time at work by filtering various tasks and challenges into an order of 'importance,' which I believe will boost my output. I'm looking forward to putting the details obtained from this course into action now at work."



"Good course very relevant to our needs, gave some useful tips to help manage my time."

-Teachers Mutual Bank


"I appreciated having the opportunity to review and understand the principles of time management and what it means to be able to deliver the required results in a time poor world. This is something I certainly struggle with so it was refreshing to be able to get some tips on how to rethink the concept of time management in my life. Very worthy course and the facilitator was fantastic as she was not clinical in her approach but instead very relaxed yet engaging at the same time. Thank you Anne."

-Elgas Limited - NSW


"Fabulous workshop and our trainer added more gems to our course. Definitely recommended to our work colleagues, would like to take a refresher later on in the year."

-Chugg Entertainment PL


"Karen was an inspiring trainer who clearly explained the course content and motivated the students to make the changes for ourselves. She struck the right balance between helping individuals with queries and not letting the class be dominated by any one student."

-Women's Health In the North


"While I was familiar with some content covered, I was able to take away some more tools and strategies to assist with time management. Completely enjoyed the delivery and was worth attending."

-TAFE Queensland South West


"Karen, made a lot of sense and I feel that not only myself but all participants took something away from this and will implement ASAP to help with their time management."

"I have been able to put in place some of the tips I learnt in the training already."



"Karen was an excellent trainer I learned from the course and would highly recommend to anyone. Great environment, good size course."

-Briggs And Stratton


"Michaela was amazing! All information was relevant and tailored to our office, very useful!"

-Love Real Estate


 "Great trainer, learnt a lot, I would definitely recommend!"

-National Projects & Maintenance


"Picked up on some great ideas and perspectives on time management for which I now need to put into practice."

-Bureau of Meteorology


"The trainer was very impressive."

-William Hill Australia


"Brendon was a dynamic and thoughtful presenter. His passion for training is obvious and experience valuable."

"I found this very interesting and the trainer was very resourceful. I was expecting a dull boring session but was pleasantly surprised."

-SafeWork SA


"Great training booster/refresh. Good to have a different trainer 2nd time around."

-Individual Course Participant


"DISC analysis was the most useful part of the course."



"Our trainer was great, she had a great energy and warmth."


"Our found the course to be more about positively than time management."

-Merieux Nutrisciences


"I enjoyed the training and the trainer was very positive."

-Western Downs Regional Council


"Sanet was a fantastic presenter with abundant energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. Sanet made the learning process more enjoyable through continuous classroom engagement activities."



"I found Karen very easy to relate to and the whole session went very quick l took a few good ideas away with me and will endeavour to use them."

-Victorian Legal Admissions Board


"I enjoyed the interactive (but non threatening) environment, and the activities used to demonstration various skills and personality types. The apps suggested in the course will be helpful. The class size was just right (not too small or big) and allowed for interesting discussions. Jo's presentation was well thought out and well presented."

-Shire of Murray


"I really enjoyed the course. Derrek was a fantastic trainer and I would recommend this highly to other people. Thank you."



"The theory involved in this was great, and allows people to see what behaviours they exhibited, and why this had an impact on their work. However I find that the specific tips and tricks are the most useful parts of this - things easily implemented for real results."

-Vero Insurance 

"Leigh is a fantastic facilitator who brings relevance of the topic to each participant."

-Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure


"Discussion on how to use outlook to help manage your time was very helpful."

"Trainer was knowledgeable on the subject and engaged all participants. Information was interesting and well delivered."

-Western Downs Regional Council


"I attended this course as a group of 6. Ann the instructor guided us on every aspects in terms of time management. this is a course for every one who want to use their time more efficient in their work & person life."

-EPAM Systems (Australia) PTY LTD C/- Highgate Legal Pty Ltd


"Fantastic trainer who really knew his stuff. Was also great to be in our project teams to learn."

-Strongbuild Commercial


"The trainer was energetic and kept the subject matter interesting."

-Department Of Housing And Public Works


"I took several things away from the course, now all need to do is implement them and that is all on me! Very worth while and enjoyable."

-The Lakes College


"Jen did a great job and I would definitely attend one of her other courses. I would also recommend her to my colleagues and friends."



"I really benefited from the prioritising and goal setting sections of the training. These will definitely improve my day and therefore my life!"

"The course was useful in that it reinforced things I already knew, and threw up a few new ideas on how to better manage my time. Troy's energy and enthusiasm was great too on a potentially boring topic."

-Bond University


"Prioritise and case study was great."

"It was a great course and well worth attending it."



"The trainer kept it interesting and had helpful feedback."

"Jill was very engaging and knowledgeable. Fun presenter."

-Rise Network Inc.


"It was a very interesting course, I love the information delivered it gave a good insight on how people work and why, weakness's and strengths."

"Great presenter and was open to discussion."

-Deebel Group PTY LTD


"Sanet was great, very entertaining as well as informative."

"I found that the course was very informative particular to my position as Business Manager. The course gave me tools that I can use with clear instructions so that I have no problem implementing them. It gave me information that will improve my role as a Business Manager and quality of life work balance."

"Sanet had some real 'pearlers' which I wrote down. So much of what she said was like 'light-bulb' moments. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone."

-Department of Education and Training - South East Region


"Already recommended you guys to others! Loved my day at PD Training!"

-Taggart & Partners


"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and Richard was a very knowledgeable facilitator. I felt he did a great job of keeping everyone fully engaged all day and I absolutely recommend him as a trainer as well as the course itself. I would be most enthusiastic to join any additional training sessions where Richard was the facilitator!"

-AustSafe Super


"I enjoyed the entire course."

"I enjoyed this course. I left it feeling well equipped to make improvements in not only my work situation but myself as well."

"Sanet was brilliant. Very engaging and made the training very enjoyable."

-Department of Education and Training - South East Region


"The course content and presenter were brilliant thank you. The Webinar was great learning tool."

-ATEM Queensland Region


"I was very satisfied with the training and have started making positive changes to my daily activities due to the content of this course, thanks to the attitude of the trainer also!"

-RM Coating Supplies


"Enjoyed the video By Sam Harris - It is always now. A reminder of the truly important things. I have been inspired to re look over the work book. Observe the goal I had set. Lose 10 kg in the next 6 months. Be interesting to see when I come back to do the course again what my progress has been."

-QLD Rail


"I was very satisfied with the training and have started making positive changes to my daily activities due to the content of this course, thanks to the attitude of the trainer also!"

-RM Coating Supplies


"The mood and atmosphere of the course was enlightening and uplifting. I believe that a general discussion involving multiple teams allows for additional insights although a separate and shorter session with only your team/department to discuss processes and time management issues specific to your own team might be even more beneficial. The course structure and outline is deployed incredibly well and i would highly recommend the course."

 "Excellent training course. Really liked the Urgent/ Importance Matrix."

"Seriously loved the course, was awesome to learn how to apply these skills to both my personal and working life."

-People Assets


"Joe delivered an interesting, practical training course that made me feel inspired to put some of his tips into practice."

-Lowy Institute


"Interesting cross section of students and very well managed by the trainer, nice work."

-Individual Course Participant


"The presenter Joe made the course (which could be seen as a chore) entertaining, relevant and enjoyable."

"Jo was super enjoyable to listen to. Would attend any course he ran, as he made it so easy to listen - using humour and he seemed to just show passion for what he does and it came so naturally."


"The presenter Joe made the course (which could be seen as a chore) entertaining, relevant and enjoyable."

-Strongbuild Manufacturing


"I provide a service from Engineering to production and facilities. My priorities and time management are dictated to me by the requirements and needs of others on a day to day basis. I did however find the course material helpful in planning the best use of my time outside of work."

"Deidre is an excellent presenter very energetic and engaging. Time management is a dry topic but she made the best of it."

"The trainer was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and engaging."

-Health World


"It was a small group so I definitely felt like the trainer was able to focus in our individual needs. Within the small group were some big personalities and they did dominate and sometimes go off on a tangent. The trainer did well to bring them back into focus. He was very patient. We are from a range of workplaces so our time management needs were quite different."

-Department of Human Services


"Really enjoyed the course. The last few sessions are the ones I derived the most benefit from. Wish I had taken a few more notes. I would like to come back and revisit session."

-Rochele Painting


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Time Management Skills training I attend 31/08/17. Derek was very knowledgeable and offered a lot of information which I found helpful in both my working and personal environments. I'm a procrastinator, I would make to do lists but prioritising the list was hard. Often jumping from task to task and at the end of the day not having ticked much of the lists. This has now all changed. I gained a number of skills and tips which have been invaluable to career and personal life. I have implemented many of the skills gained. As a result, I am able to better project manage our office relocation, I no longer procrastinate and I am able to work through prioritised to do list while completing task like never before. I completely enjoyed the course content from start to finish. I have attended many training courses and have also delivered them. But this was the best course I have undertaken and I found all of the content valuable. I remained engaged for the whole training and this is due to Derek's delivery of the course content. Thanks again Derek. 10/10 PD Training :)"

-Cole Lawson Communications Pty Ltd


"It was useful because the concepts learnt during this course can be applied to my personal life & it will benefit my entire family, so that I can manage time more efficiently & effectively."

"Overall it was pretty good. Karen was very passionate about time management."

"The overall content of the course was very useful. I picked up a lot of tips that I will implement in my daily life."

-Inala Indigenous Health


"The most useful thing was to have the whole team together to look at these issues."

-Water NSW


"Great interaction from Derrick, he understood that each of us in the room were after different direction / outcomes - he was attentive to these outcomes and interacted with each of us accordingly."

-Petrol Services Australia


"I found the content of the course helpful. it will improve not only my work flow , but also in daily life. The four d's , and classification of priority's certainly will assist me in the future."

-Jetstar Airways


"The trainer showed great enthusiasm for the topic and the imparting the knowledge. The attendees got involved in a number of activities that activated the brain and sometimes the muscles too."

-Frontier Software


"Pretty impressed with the small class size, trainers enthusiasm, attempts to help each student, location & lunch options."

-Sydney Olympic Park Satellite Venues


"Peter, our trainer, was excellent. His ability to personalise real examples was impressive."



"Joseph's presentation was particularly effective because he provided context and appropriate application techniques alongside the theory."

"Joe was great, enjoyed his personality and energy for training the group."

-MUN Global


"MOST USEFUL: Group activities, email-management, weekly list instead of daily."

-Schneider Electric


"The trainer was very lovely. And she make sure were were all comfortable in class. Very knowledgeable and took some time to talk one on one with each of us during the break and lunch."

-Brother International Australia


"I found the course relevant to my life /work balance, through the tools acquired I look forward to improving my work and home life."

"Trainer made good use of his personal experiences v course content, this was very good."


"I felt the course had a lot of good information and I really like the videos. I liked the info about reading people and got some good info about prioritising my email better. Thanks it was great!"



"I have attended many training sessions based around time management previously but this made clear, common sense - came straight to my pc and turned OFF email notifications. Also poignant/relevant was the 'Let it Go!' - makes so much sense (but often hard to do when emotion is attached). Putting that piece of advice into play effective immediately! Thank you Ian!"



"Karen was extremely well versed and efficient in her delivery of this course."


"It was interesting to learn about my traits which would explain my work style. Ways to improve and make my day more effective and productive is now my own personal challenge."



"I really enjoyed the workshop, I thought the way all attendees were encouraged to interact helped us to share our particular issues with time management in the workplace. Some had good ideas and experiences that were helpful being shared."

-Landcare SJ Inc.


"Very helpful course. Trainer knows his business :)"

-Vossloh Cogifer Aust Pty Ltd


"This was a really good quick dive into time management skills. Derrick was warm, understanding and easy to listen to.

-Act for Kids


"The course was terrific. In applying ideas at work since there are many quick wins. The manual is really helpful to refer to over time. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable. The concept of 'eating a frog' really makes sense in a busy workplace as is the links between calendar and project planning.

-Department of Health and Human Services


"Loved the trainers presence Loved the ABC categorizing, very useful"

-Act for Kids



"Overall, great insight to time management."

-Chemistworks Management


"I find this training is helpful."

-Individual Course Participant


"On reflection I realised I can implement a lot of the tips we were given and this in turn gives me a fresh approach when viewing my workload. Thank you Ash :)"

-Sacred Heart College


"This was a great course that taught us the fundamentals required for working efficiently in a world full of distraction and specific principles in prioritisation. Overall the skills and principles I learnt should make me be able to work with less stress. This was an excellent course, very engaging and very enjoyable!



"I think the meeting discussion was a good example of problem/solution."

"Most useful part was to find out how each staff member is a different learner from each other."

-Intersport Australia


"Joe is very engaging. He knows the content extremely well and made us think about the relevance and how we can apply these theories/ concepts in our working/personal life which I really enjoyed. I have started implementing what I've learned specifically the Eisenhower Principle/matrix and shared the concept with my colleagues."

-William Clarke College


"This was a fabulous course and I particularly found the size of group and room excellent to get the most out of the day - as above the trainer was superb"

-The Uniting Church Qld Synod


"Kerri's style and ease was fantastic."

Jen Retail Properties


"I was doing the training via Skype style hook up, so even though doing the training from home wasn’t ideal I still felt that Peter did well in including me into the group and listening to my questions via video link. But nothing beats being in the same room for a training session."

"Incredibly helpful and liked the way he made it relevant to our daily work routine."

Church and Dwight (Australia) Pty Ltd


Red 29 logo
Sally was fantastic, team really enjoyed the day.

-Red 29

Bendigo Access Employment logo
The in house trainer made the content very entertaining and personalised.

-Bendigo Access Employment

North East Community Support Group Inc. logo
I found all contact with your office was dealt with in both a timely and professional manner and the training itself was excellent.

-North East Community Support Group Inc.

Petronas logo
I loved the instant chat feature on your website. Chris was a great help and gave us a prompt delivery of quotes and other information about the courses that pd training offer. Pd training was able to cater specifically to our needs and were flexible with the delivery style of our course. Overall, I am very impressed at the professionalism we encountered. We will definitely be considering pd training again for our future 'in house' training needs.


Alpha Flight Services logo
Best part of the day is that there was a lot of interactive presentations which made things "sink" in so much easier. Excellent course. Regards Andrea

-Alpha Flight Services

Department of Defence logo
Key highlights: Establishing a daily routine, the four d's for dealing with in-trays, and office-space management. I also really appreciate pd training's flexibility in coming to our workplace to provide the in-house training at relatively short notice.

-Department of Defence

Financial Ombudsman Service logo
The process was smooth and easy.... so simple to get organised, and the feedback on the trainer was amazing... Thanks Scott!!!

-Financial Ombudsman Service

Tiger Airways logo
Scott was a brilliant trainer who was able to change his delivery as required to satisfy our requirements.

-Tiger Airways

Melbourne Library Service logo
My staff loved Philip! They said he was very knowledgeable and the course was easy to understand.

-Melbourne Library Service

Housing Choices Australia logo
Facilitator was very engaging and everyone participating. Always with a smile.

-Housing Choices Australia

University of Melbourne logo
Siobhan was a fantastic/engaging speaker. I was a bit skeptical when I found out that the training was for a whole day.... I thought " what is she going to tell me for one full day.... it will be a waste of my day..." But 4.30 came and I was still hanging for more information.

-University of Melbourne

Electrical Safety Office Electrical Licensing logo
The presentation and facilitator were brilliant - best training experience I've had in a while. I've already implemented some of the ideas (which is a surprise to me!). Thank you.

-Electrical Safety Office - Electrical Licensing

Metcash logo
Best Metcash course I've EVER done in my 10 years with the company - should have made time to do it many years ago. The trainer was fantastic - knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional & light-hearted - the time flew (which it rarely does in training sessions). The course was well-paced, topical & very applicable to the workplace & private time alike. I will make time to actually read the manual cover to cover. Thank you!



I enjoyed the course, and I feel confident that I will be able to use what I learnt to improve things both at work and in my private life.


Maxim Accounting logo
Jack was a positive & friendly presenter. We plan to use Jack again.

-Maxim Accounting

Crest Personnel logo
Very well delivered, fun and informative. Tammy was very well spoken and catered the course to our industry very well. She was very engaging and remembered all our names and took interest in all our ideas and comments.

-Crest Personnel

Life Without Barriers logo
Very well presented course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and conveyed his message well.

-Life Without Barriers

Institute of Family Practice logo
The training is very useful for me as it helps me to identify the loop whole and to prioritise the tasks more effectively; I am definitely recommend to my other colleagues.

-Institute of Family Practice

Royal Australian Mint logo
Overall the session that I had with Sally, was most helpful. She was in sync with what I was wanting to get out of the meeting, and am absolutely sure that I will be in a much happier situation work wise.

-Royal Australian Mint

SA Police logo
Adrienne presented the most relevant topics to me as she spoke to me prior to the training. She provided me with a number of strategies to implement. I particularly liked the Productivity Journal, and set up of Working/Reference/Archive files.

-SA Police

LivingWell Media Pty Ltd logo
A big thank you to Kirsty for the training! I really enjoyed it and have learned some new skills I'm starting to put into practice, already making me feel less stressed and more able to effectively control my time. My desk is even starting to look neater already! Kirsty was also fantastic at handling the group and bringing the focus back to the work at hand in a very polite way when it came to people talking/getting off track - it was actually a non-intentionally provided skill simply because she was practicing it! She was also very professional and friendly with each of the different personalities in the class, giving every one the same attention and chance to be a part of the activities. A great day, a great set of skills and great people. Thank you. Jess.

-LivingWell Media Pty Ltd

Sucrogen Australia Pty Ltd logo
Kristy is a Gold trainer! Excellent way to communicate, very effective! Training was well structured and important points were conveyed over and over and it sunk well.

-Sucrogen Australia Pty Ltd

The Medical Protection Society Limited logo
I felt this was a fantastic training course and meet my expectations with regards to what I wanted to take away from it. This is definitely something that I would recommend to my colleagues and peers. Thank you very much.

-The Medical Protection Society Limited

Queensland Parliamentary Service logo
This course really helped me learn to prioritise my work load and to evaluate what is important, I will be recommending this course to our HRM manager for any future staff development.

-Queensland Parliamentary Service

Aurecon logo
Julie is an awesome trainer. Knows her stuff and knows how to adapt.


It was great, and I learnt many new skills which I will hopefully implement into my daily work and social life.

-Craig Collins

Australian Catholic University logo
The course was great.

-Australian Catholic University

Cambridge International College logo
The training was conducted in a very professional manner. The trainer makes it a point to interact and get the participants involved. It wasn't a one way lecture but interactive. Overall, the trainer is excellent. The venue is conducive to learning and the materials are sufficient for the topics covered.

-Cambridge International College

AusRegistry logo
Learned so much which motivates me to keep more organized and to have well managed time. The speaker shared a very encouraging style which I can apply to my work and personal life. Nice venue and the food was great!


RCL Cruises Ltd logo
I was a skeptic going into this course but was pleasantly surprised. Susie our trainer was very engaging and enthusiastic. I believe that having a smaller group worked well for the course as the material became more tailored to my needs/requirements.

-RCL Cruises Ltd

Most useful - challenging us to question why we need time management. Real empathy shown to people's issues and problems at their workplace.


Veolia Environmental Services logo
Great to work through learnings and issues with ideas as a group with trainer and others in the course.

-Veolia Environmental Services

St Jude Medical logo
The trainer engaged the group well enough to create enthusiasm and interaction that allowed sharing/learning of practices and experiences among ourselves.

-St Jude Medical

Stockland Lourdes Retirement Village logo
We had a good mix of people very interactive in all aspects of the day. No one was in a hurry to finish up at the end of the day.

-Stockland Lourdes Retirement Village

APC Logistics logo
Thought is was great and will definitely recommend to others within my company.

-APC Logistics

Rio Tinto logo
Lots of practical ideas that I can put in place in my position.

-Rio Tinto

HB Fuller Australia logo
A really enjoyable day and Karen is a great trainer. I'm already implementing what I learned and I look forward to reaping the benefits.

-HB Fuller Australia

City of Greater Bendigo logo
The Time Management course with Karen was fantastic. Karen was motivating and gave effective and common sense tools and tips. I would definitely attend another course with pd training.

-City of Greater Bendigo

Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd logo
SMART Goals make prioritising tasks easier. Never realised that being assertive is important for efficiency. Some good ideas on tackling procrastination.

-Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd

UQ Sport Ltd logo
Derrick was an excellent trainer - as for the manual I have not had the opportunity to review it quite yet.

-UQ Sport Ltd

Nacap Australia logo
My trainer was fantastic, she kept things interesting as she had a good sense of humour. I would be more than happy to take a different course with her as my trainer again. the course covered a lot and was very relevant to a lot in my work and also home life. I would recommend this course to other people. thanks!

-Nacap Australia

CRCC logo
Various tools and processes in the day certainly helped me clarify "big issue" decisions and goals for myself. Such clarity has the potential to make a huge positive difference to the next twenty years of my life, so that's no small outcome.


Applied Medical logo
Fantastic course, teacher was very interactive and knowledgeable, did not lose interest. Great techniques.

-Applied Medical

Orchard Marketing logo
Enjoyed more I think because it was a small group.

-Orchard Marketing

Engineering Education Australia Pty Ltd logo
Michael was a great facilitator in adapting the course to what we wanted/needed out of it. He was genuinely interested in why we were there, and structured the course to give us the maximum benefit.Thank you.

-Engineering Education Australia Pty Ltd

Hillscorp Pty Ltd logo
It was very good. In fact one of the best comments made by the trainer related to my personality type (being quite visual)and the importance for me in keeping my work environment clear of clutter and distractions. I have put this into practise not only at work but in my car and at home and have noticed improvements in the management of my work.

-Hillscorp Pty Ltd

Brisbane North Institute of TAFE logo
Excellent course. I have come away feeling extremely motivated, as well as more knowledgeable. Great trainer. Gail's energy was infectious. She was very personable and experienced on the subject matter as well as being amenable to dealing with our individual concerns. Overall an extremely invaluable and enjoyable day.

-Brisbane North Institute of TAFE

CSL Biotherapies logo
Our trainer incorporated our workplace within the training to show us how effective these changes would be.

-CSL Biotherapies

Supercorp Pty Ltd logo
Derrick was a great trainer and I learned a lot from the training course. It really helped me confirm areas of improvement to become an effective trainer. The course also gave me confidence to back myself more as areas of what I do well to keep doing them. Thank you for a great course.

-Supercorp Pty Ltd

Catercare Services logo
All the team at PD Training were very friendly and helpful.

-Catercare Services

Honda MPE logo
Undertaking this training session has been giving me the opportunity to advance my skills in preparation and planning areas, how to run the training session or to train more effectively. The information, the resources, the life experiences that the trainer has provided has exceeded my expectations. The topics, the discussions, activities and abet of games and the feedback are very helpful throughout. Because its a small group, which is preferable, I got more chances to ask questions to help me understand fully and supportive. Other two participants are also supportive, which I am comfortable to work with, I also leant a lot from their life experiences. At the end of the session, I am able to step out of my comfort zone, growth in my confidentiality and how to structure/plan a training session, its an absolute relevant and beneficial knowledge that I will use/assist for my workplace in future.

-Honda MPE

Brad Teal Real Estate logo
Steve was fabulous, he had credibility and was motivated. He listened as well as spoke and allowed us to explore training in a approach that made sense, and allowed us to want to know more. Top trainer!

-Brad Teal Real Estate

CSR logo
Thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it easy to apply when back in the workplace.


Armstrong Legal logo
I found this course great in that I had it gave me a guideline and factors to consider when training people that I was not aware of. It also provided me with things that I should take into consideration when training others. This course has greatly benefited my future training methods. Anne was great.

-Armstrong Legal

Siemens logo
Very informative. Highly beneficial.


Salvation Army logo
The presenter was excellent. Her attention to each participants' aims of the workshop were attended to very well. She directed the training to specific modules which were helpful to particular participants and skimmed over modules that were not as applicable to us. I appreciated her style of teaching and presenting and would recommend her as a trainer to other people.

-Salvation Army

Comvita logo
I really enjoyed the course and how we all were able to put in place everyone's needs for time management. It was a great day.


Endeavour Foundation logo
Troy was great and we had a really good group. I can't wait to put things into practice.

-Endeavour Foundation

More happy clients

Download Course Outline (PDF)

Understanding, identifying and defining your long-term goals is the very first step when implementing an effective time management solution while working from home.  With the broader goal in the background, you can now set a series of medium and short-term goals that will effectively lead you to achieving the cherished long-term goals in your life.

By applying the skills taught in the Time Management  Working from Home Workshops, you can optimise your efforts to ensure that you concentrate as much of your time and energy as possible on the high-payoff tasks. This ensures that you achieve the greatest benefit possible with the limited amount of time available to you. Contrary to popular belief, effective time management is not necessarily based on doing more things in less time.

Course Outline for Achieving Better Time Management While Working from Home - 3hours

Topic 1
My Personality And Time Management
  • Using my Awareness of Personality Profiles to Improve my Time Management
  • Reflection
Topic 2
How I Currently Use My Time
  • What Makes Up My Day?
    • The Glass Jar Analogy (Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, and Water)
    • Where Does My Time Go? Time Audit
  • 14 Day Action Challenge: Time Audit
    • Time Log (example)
  • Reflection
Topic 3
Get It Done - “The Art Of Doing”
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • Myths
    • Surprising (and Disturbing) Discoveries:
    • Managing Workflow - the 4 D’s
  • Overwhelmed?
    • Are You Using Your Mind as a Collection Point?
  • To-Do-List Best Practice
    • 5 Tips for To Do List Best Practice
    • The Amazing Power of Clustering
  • Reflection
Topic 4
Prioritise Your Time
  • The Story of the Mexican Fisherman & the Banker
  • Urgent Important Matrix
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • A.B.C.D.E. Prioritisation
  • Ranking My Priorities
    • The Paired Comparison or ✓ (Tick) Method
  • Reflection
Topic 5
Procrasination – How To Beat It
  • Why We Procrastinate
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Still Can’t Get Started?
    • Eat That Frog!
    • Ready, Fire, Aim!
    • 5 Minute Rule
  • Reflection

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When you want a tailored learning experience targeting exactly what you want without bringing everyone physically together, the best choice is a Live Online Class run by PDT.

We tailor the content and activities to be specific to your current needs and the needs of the people and run the course in our usual activity-based workshop style training, however, the participants can all be offsite, or some can be in the room with others offsite.

Unless you have a preferred tools we use 'Zoom for Education' that includes enhanced collaboration features such as One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation (people can work together in activity files), and digital whiteboarding, we also include things like live polls and group chats so you virtually have the same collaborative learning experience of attending a course in a room with other people.

live online & hybrid

We have delivered these 100's (if not 1000's) of times, and get great outcomes. We achieve great outcomes because we keep our learner centric approach - just because it’s delivered through a screen to some or all participants doesn’t mean it needs to be less tailored or less personalised.

You still have an expert trainer who talks to you prior to the session and tailors the delivery to use your terminology, ensure activities are relevant and directly applicable and ensures an engaging learning experience that provide people with skills and techniques they can apply the very next day.

A hybrid class is with some people connecting online, and some people physically together in the same room.

Live Online Participant Feedback:

90% Overall Trainer Rating

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75% I Would Recommend this Course to Someone Else

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At the completion of training participants are encouraged to create an action plan, and invite an accountability buddy via their Orgmenta App.

In your Training Management Centre you have transparency to the action plans so you can see what people are going to do differently.

My Action Plan
Participants encouraged to create

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