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Top 10 Skills for HR Leaders & Human Resource Professionals

HR leaders realise that without tapping into the skills of employees, they cannot achieve maximum growth. But to use human talent to its full potential, specific fundamental skills are required.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, human resource managers must have skills in planning and coordination, supervision, handling staff issues, and recruitment.[i]

Moreover, the most endorsed skills among leading HR and L&D professionals include performance management, change management, human resources, and employee engagement, a survey by CIPD found.[ii]

As the work environment is constantly changing due to technology, HR professionals now need additional skills to manage and maximise employee output.

Here are top 10 HR skills for today’s professionals:

Performance Management 1 Be able to build efficiency and manage the performance of employees
Leadership Skills 2 Have the insight and expertise to lead teams
Change Management 3 Be prepared for changes and manage them to achieve continuous improvement
Recruitment & Selection of Employees 4 Plan and implement the recruitment and selection process
Manage Virtual Employees 5 Handle cultural and geographical differences to manage virtual teams
Handling Employee Problems 6 Resolve workplace conflicts to create a positive work environment
Supervision 7 Manage employees and teams to keep them productive and driven
Communication Skills 8 Use effective communication to lead, coordinate, and influence
Motivate Employees 9 Keep employees motivated to improve job satisfaction and output
Employee Engagement 10 Engage employees to help them realise their full potential