How Do You Supervise Your Staff? Are You a Tyrant or Push-Over? – Supervision Training in Sydney

I’ve written before about how supervising staff is a true art form, and probably one of the most challenging roles you can ever take on.

Supervision Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide
Develop skills to supervise successfully

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In my experience with dealing with direct supervisors, many seemed to have a specific style that wasn’t flexible at all and ranged from being a complete micro-managing tyrant to a confused and feeble push-over.

Neither of those management styles bodes well for your staff, so the question then becomes; “Can you improve your supervision skills?”

The answer is, OF COURSE!

By attending a professional development training course on supervising staff, you’ll accomplish two things at the same time:

1.       You’ll be exposed to new concepts and theories about managing and supervising others with a view to bringing out the best in people and increasing productivity for your department.

2.       You’ll also get to network with other managing supervisors from other companies who are in completely different fields, but who face the same issues and problem as you do.

Learning new skills should be an absolute requirement for any supervisor.

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