Top 10 Professional Telephone Skills – Australia

As many as 80% of today’s generation sleep with their phones at night, but when it comes to talking over the phone professionally, most cannot do it, a research reveals.[i] Providing service over the phone requires special skills. A professional telephone operator needs to master their voice, telephone etiquette and problem solving skills to overcome the everyday challenges and create a perfect impression on clients. Here are the top 10 skills used by the finest telephone operators.



Telephone Etiquette



Gain mastery over telephone conversations by training your voice, controlling conversations and handling angry clients






Use the right tone, pitch and speed. Communicate with clarity and positivity



Active Listening



Listen actively to understand customer’s needs correctly and quickly



Conflict Resolution



Resolve conflicts by identifying needs, suggesting solutions and remaining patient and positive



Body Language



Use positive body language to feel confident and happy



Emotional Intelligence



Gain insight into emotions to keep yourself on top of difficult situations and people



Staying Productive



Keep up your productivity by creating schedules, routines, using SMART goals and organising



Inter-Cultural Communications



Overcome cultural differences by showing respect, asking questions and providing extra support



Basic Computer Knowledge


Have basic knowledge of computers, including applications that you might use at work



Work-Life Balance



Separate work from life, create separate goals for each, and spend time with yourself






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