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Training that people remember and apply.
Simple systems and reporting that engage all levels of the organisation.

  • I.P.E.C.C. Training Model
    Training people remember

    I - tailored to the individual
    P - performance focussed
    E - empowering people back on the job
    C - content on demand
    C - collaboration on the job
  • L.E.R.N. Organisational Learning Model
    Creating learning organisations

    L - Line Manager Engagement
    E - Embedded Organisational Recall
    R - Retention Framework
    N - Numerically Provable Results

It’s a bit like 70:20:10.... except it’s simple, practical
and everything is provided.

    • Classroom training that people enjoy
      -- because we tailor and deliver differently
    • Learning people remember
      -- because we provide more support, reinforce and opportunities to
    • Course admin in the cloud
      -- We make it easy to research, plan, book and view all the records
    • Reporting that is simple, best in class
      -- and can talk to your systems (no duplication of effort if you have your own system)

    • Achieve consistency across the business using our comprehensive solution including instructor-led training, psychometric profiling, eLearning, and trainers available to support your internal projects support Australia-wide and worldwide.
  • Enterprise L&D Partner
Some key benefits:
  • Consistent top quality trainers and content across Australia and the world.
  • We help the creation of a Learning Organisation with mobile enabled resources and systems that bring collaboration, social learning and reinforcement to life.
  • Managers and co-ordinators at all levels are delighted and engaged as training becomes faster and easier to source, book and report on than ever before.
  • Pre and Post course learner resources work on anything - we keep the environment familiar - so people actually use it anywhere anytime.
  • In class, you can choose BYOD or paper.
  • After class resources and collaboration also works on anything, from the work laptop to people's BYOD phone - it's all just 'there'.
  • You receive the type of reporting you can take to strategic meetings (you also have cool looking dashboards and graphs).
  • Our system can talk to yours, so there's no need to get reports from 2 places or any data entry.

You'll be surprised at the price, you will probably lower your spend by using us!

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