Using Tablets in the Classroom Readiness Checklist

We supply Android Tablets, if people
can use their Android Phone,
they can already use the tablets.
  • connected-classroom-readiness

  • Obviously the Connected Classroom is a better L&D Solution.

How do I know if my organisation is ready for tablets in the room?

  • Do you have company owned iPads, Android or Windows Tablets provided for any purpose in any department?
    check  Yes - those departments are ready
  • Do you have BYOD policy for Smart Phones and/or Tablets in place?
    check Yes - find out what people are bringing to work.
  • Has your company upgraded to Windows 8 computers with touch screens?
    check Yes - you are ready, just BYOD.
  • Does your organisation have WiFi readily accessible?
    check Yes

We can always run a couple of pilot sessions, review the feedback,
and measure the business impact.
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