What Are the Top Ten Supervisory Skills Required in Australia?

Top 10 Australian Supervisory Skills

Supervisors in Australia have the difficult job of bringing the best out of their staff. Though it sounds simple, this requires a unique set of skills. According to Indiana University Bloomington, the role of a supervisor includes goal setting, decision-making, time management, delegation, and communication.[i]

But that is not all. A first-level supervisor must also excel at coordinating, planning, organising, and setting priorities; the Harvard Business Review believes.[ii] For supervisors to succeed in their job, the top 10 core skills to acquire are:

Communication 1.  Communicate clearly and precisely through verbal and non-verbal mediums
Technical Knowledge 2 Have basic computer knowledge, and understand the various equipment and systems
Goal Setting 3 Know how to set goals that can be achieved smoothly and with minimum of waste
Motivating Employees 4 Keep employees enthusiastic about their work
Delegation 5 Understand the different roles and delegate responsibilities accordingly
Decision-Making 6 Weigh choices, research and analyse when making decisions
Change Management 7 Be aware of change, and know how to handle it through proper planning and system
Meeting Management 8 Manage minute-taking, attendees, and outcomes of a meeting
Time Management 9 Prioritise, delegate and manage tasks effectively
Organisation 10 Organise tasks for better clarity and management


[i] https://www.indiana.edu/

[ii] https://hbr.org/1980/03/let-first-level-supervisors-do-their-job

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