Top 10 Skills for Developing Business Etiquette – Australia

The best employees take business etiquette seriously because they understand how important it is for HR managers and companies. William Kane, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Human Resources Group of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, a company whose global headquarters are in Japan, said, “If the interview candidates I put in front of our Japanese executives don’t demonstrate respect or patience, if they’re not thoughtful with their words, if they don’t allow time for reflection and pause in between questions or answers, that gets picked up… If the person doesn’t have those attributes, or is maybe challenged [in one], it will cast a shadow on their candidacy.”[i]


Attributes such as good listening skills, respect and emotional intelligence are highly valued in employees. Here are top 10 skills that make up solid business etiquette:






Adjust your communication according to the personality and situation while retaining your style



Body Language



Keep your body language official while showing warmth



Manage Inter-Cultural Communication



Build trust and relationships by listening attentively and accepting differences




Emotional Intelligence



Know how to understand emotions of others to control conversations and lead them to positive outcomes



Social Media Handling



Follow the company’s social media policy, create rules for posting and treat people respectfully



Manage Difficult Conversations



Speak persuasively, create common ground, and decide when to continue the conversation or postpone/end it



Email Etiquette



Learn how to create a format for official emails, and use precise sentences and subject line



Dealing with Difficult People


Identify difficult behaviour immediately, cope with negative emotions and reach definite decisions



Master Business Writing



Know how to write reports, emails and proposals that create an impression



Be Assertive & Confident


Learn to be assertive without being aggressive. Show confidence in how you speak and conduct yourself