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"Insights.... delivered simply"

The LDP has undergone exhaustive research and scrutiny to ensure scientific rigor.

Yet its reports are designed to be picked up and used by people without any formal training.


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To understand what makes their team members tick and provides managers with insights to lead, motivate and manage conflict more effectively.

Trainers coaches

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To provide more effective training, coaching and leadership development - by understanding how people receive and process information, and their motivators.


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To recruit according to the attributes of the highest performing existing team members, or to recruit to fit within existing team cultures.

HR Teams

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Benefit from everything Line Managers, Trainers and Recruiters benefit from, in addition they can use the LDP reports for succession planning

"This statistically proven set of resources gives anyone that takes advantage of the insight delivered the edge in management, recruiting and organisational effectiveness."

Arrow icon What type of reports are available?

The LDP reports vary in length and depth, offering trainers several options in sharing the results. While the most popular report, the 7-page Personal Style Report, explores the participant's overall style, some reports compare participants to specific job profiles, while other reports provide in-depth coverage of ten behavioral dimensions. The most thorough report, the 52-page Leading Style Guide, is structured as a workbook for participants to dig deeper into their individualized leadership approach.

Arrow icon Who uses it?

  • The LDP is used worldwide to support training and development in organisations of all types and sizes including: Fortune 500 Companies, Government, Military, Non-profit, and educational institutions
  • 1000s of individuals have used these reports to recognize their primary approach to influence others, with tremendous applications for leading, managing, selling, learning, handling conflict, and team-building.
  • Independent trainers, consultants and coaches use LDP understand how participants tend to receive and share information. And use different report options as group ice-breakers or for one-on-one coaching.
The LDP is used worldwide

Arrow icon Extensive research and scientific validation?

10 years of research and validation across 1000's of people worldwide.... ongoing.

Dr Doug Waldo
Dr Doug Waldo, DBA, SPHR

In the words of Dr Waldo

"We are thrilled to have experienced such success so far in 2014, with more published articles in one year than most might expect in a decade... our educational partnerships with two universities have really opened the door for the LDP to be used for important, and ground-breaking research" About the Author

Articles recently published, or approved for publishing include the following with many more to come this tool is leading the industry!

  • Waldo, R. D., Malan, G., Wharton, R. & Cobanoglu, C. (2014, May). Cultural Perceptions of Managerial Style: Is the perfect "high-high" manager an American stereotype? Session presentation at the Global Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference, Tampa, FL.
  • Malan, G., Cobanoglu, C., Waldo, R. D., & Yang, W. (2014, January). The Use of Personality Styles of Hotel Managers in Designing Curriculum in Hospitality Schools. Poster presentation at the 19th Annual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Houston, TX.
  • Malan, G., Cobanoglu, C., Waldo, R. D. (2015). The Use of Personality Styles in Designing Curriculum in Hospitality Schools. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 14, 2.
  • Waldo, R. D., Wharton, R. B., & Parks, K. M. (2014). Achieving and Relating: Validation of a Two-Factor Model of Managerial Orientation. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 5, 6.
  • Waldo, R. D., Malan G., Wharton, R. B. (2014). Cultural Perceptions of Managerial Style: Is the perfect "high-high" manager an American stereotype? Swiss Journal of Research in Business and Social Sciences, 1, 3.
  • Malan, G., Cobanoglu, C., Waldo, R. D., & Yang, W. (2014). Managing with Style: An Analysis of Work Style of Hotel Managers. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 13, 2.

Stands on the shoulders of giants: See LDP reliability compared to old tools such as MBTI and DISC

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