Is the Customer Always Right? Customer Service Training Course in Sydney, Perth

Why the Customer Might Not Always Be Right…

Customer Service Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Sydney, Perth
Gain new skills in customer service with training

If you want to develop new skills in customer service, consider participating in Customer Service Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Sydney, Perth and other cities in Australia.

Of course not!  To assume that the person who walks in off the street has more knowledge than a professional, trained and experienced in their field, does not make any logical sense.

Quite clearly that concept is a fiction.

However, it is a fiction which was created for a very good reason – to highlight the critical importance of Customer Service!

Sometimes, a great form of customer service is to gently lead the customer away from an incorrect assumption and towards a better understanding of a situation.

The reason this must be done gently, is that while the customer is NOT always right, they ARE always the foundation on which your business profitability is based.

Sales Training will teach you how to build a transaction.  Customer Service Training will teach you how to build an entire series of transactions.

You service your car regularly, so do the same with your Customers!

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