Top 10 Skills for Retail Sales Representatives in Australia

Retail sales representative is the most common job position in Australia with over 556,400 retail sales workers in the country.[i] A sales representative or a retail sales associate is a viable position for just about anybody since it doesn’t require specialised knowledge. However, to excel in this career you need to master certain skills., a popular employment website includes skills such as customer service, tech savvy, communication skills, maths and generating sales as essential skills needed for the position.[ii] Below is a list of the top 10 skills that can help master retail sales customer service.



Conducting Retail Sales



From greeting to closing, conduct a sale like a pro






Speak clearly, confidently and persuasively to create a great impression on the customer



Persuasion Skills


Know how to persuade a customer to overcome sales objections



Body Language



Use positive and friendly body language to make the customer feel at ease



Customer Service



Understand customer behaviour and gain the ability to deal with negative situations



Active Listening



Listen actively to determine customer needs quickly and accurately



Inter-Cultural Communication



Avoid assumptions, notice non-verbal cues and listen actively


Computer Knowledge



Have basic knowledge of computers and applications that you may use at work






Use scheduling, storing and disposal systems to manage inventory, etc.



Be a Team Player



Make use of FISH! customer service practices to serve customers joyfully