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1. Alertness – Your telephone voice should have spark and energy. Give the customer the impression that you are wide-awake, alert and anxious to help.

2. Pleasantness – Your telephone voice should be smooth, not jarring or whiny. Communicate with your voice that you are a pleasant and happy person. There is no room for shortness or anger.

3. Conversational tone – You are a live human being talking with (not at) another live human being. Even when using a script or prompts, keep your tone conversational and your language simple and straightforward.

4. Distinctness – Use clear articulation and enunciation. We all tend to get lazy in our face-to-face speech. The telephone exaggerates this tendency, so open your mouth and let the sound come out clearly.

5. Expressiveness – Vary your tone and rate. Build a verbal picture with your voice.

Vocal Qualities Checklist

Tick the appropriate boxes in order to identify your strengths and areas for improvement:

Slow (listener starts to wander) o
Good (listener stays on track) o
Fast (listener finds it too difficult to keep up) o
Too soft o
Just right o
Too loud o
Over-enunciated, sounded mechanical o
Enunciated well, each word was clear o
Mumbled, slurred words or dropped endings o
Too high, sounded whiny o
Too low, sounded grave o
Monotonous, no variation o
Good, sounded natural and varied o
Friendly o
Sincere o
Overly enthusiastic o
Pushy o
Timid o
Confident o

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