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MS InfoPath 2007 Essentials Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney
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InfoPath 2007 uses Extensible Markup Language, also known as XML, to build its forms.

To gain skills in InfoPath 2007, consider participating in MS InfoPath 2007 Essentials Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney and other cities in Australia.


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Microsoft InfoPath 2007 is very user-friendly and does not require knowledge of XML to use it. However, knowing what XML is and the basics of how it works can help you work with InfoPath.

XML is used to structure data in such a way that almost any operating system or computer program can interpret it.  It does this by identifying data with tags.

Here is a brief example of XML:

<TITLE> Greatest Hits </TITLE>
<ARTIST> Max Swims </ARTIST>
<YEAR> 1987 </YEAR>
<TITLE> Big Band Breakdown </TITLE>
<ARTIST> The Winners </ARTIST>
<YEAR> 2005 </YEAR>
<TITLE> Max and Julie Go To the Zoo </TITLE>
<AUTHOR> Nancy Fellows </AUTHOR>
<YEAR> 1964 </YEAR>
<TITLE> Super Mysteries of the Sea </TITLE>
<AUTHOR> Eugene Gilfoy </AUTHOR>
<PUBLISHER> Waterproof Books Ltd. </PUBLISHER>
<YEAR> 1995 </YEAR>

This structure allows us to see that this is a multimedia catalog with two books and two CDs.  It is also easy to see what each line represents.

The important thing to remember is that although there are some general rules for marking up data with XML, the tags themselves are user defined. This means that you may look at several different XML files and not see the same tags in any of them.

InfoPath 2007’s interface will be slightly different depending on which mode you are in.

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