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Why is Training important in 2023?

Why is Training so Important in 2023?   Training isn’t just important to businesses in 2023, it’s vital.   One of the biggest problems that businesses face today is employee turnover. Retaining your employees has a huge impact on the bottom line as well as to the quality of your business. Review our 2023 course list to discover opportunities for your employees and your business.


94% of employees surveyed by LinkedIn for its annual Workplace Learning Report said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their professional development.   According to the Human Resource Institute, it costs about $10-$15k to replace an employee. It can take close to three times that to replace a management or senior level employee.


Employees name “increased manager involvement” as the #2 challenge they face. Getting managers more involved in employee learning is not the only way to see increased learner engagement, but data shows it will make an impact.


Understand opportunities and challenges
The pandemic sped up digital transformation and the ever-enlarging skills gap. Skilling, employee retention, well-being, leadership, and L&D are all urgent priorities.  

Add new thinking about the Learning and Development disciplines
Business volatility — especially employee attrition — amplifies the need for HR to think holistically. There’s a need to focus on professional development, skill-based planning and internal mobility to build a work culture based on continuous learning.  

Unlock keys to success Find a great training provider. Budget wisely. Activate Managers with a Learning and Growth Mindset. Listen to your learners • Never stop learning yourself.      

The primary focus areas of L&D for 2023 are:



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