Effective Management Series – Part 1: Training Course in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

What is the Role of Management?

Highly Effective Management Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide
Learn to manage expertly using training

To build skills in management, consider using Highly Effective Management Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other cities in Australia.

Management is vital to the success of every organisation.  Their role is to Plan, Strategise, Lead, Control, Organise and Motivate.

Management is not about telling people what to do; it is about coordinating and organizing the team based on the policies, goals and objectives of the organization.

Effective Management includes deciding how a business should run, and ensuring business goals are achieved through redesigning processes and directing staff to follow these new processes.

Effective Management

  • Task oriented
  • Develops strategies to reach goals
  • Uses job descriptions to define how work is done
  • Goals are based on priorities
  • Predicts and adapts to change
  • Consistently evaluates and looks for ways to improve current methods

Efficient Management

  • Work oriented
  • Strives to keep the present system running well
  • Adheres strictly to job requirements
  • Avoids change
  • Monitors work and procedures

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