PDT Training Project Methodology for New System Implementations

Customised Training Projects, System Roll Outs and Team Development

Is your organisation developing or implementing new systems that require customised training materials development and online or face-to-face delivery for staff?

PD Training (PDT), a leading professional development training company for the past 10 years, has worked with many organisations, both corporate and government, to develop and deliver content in multiple countries around the world.

Instructional Design Experience

PDT employs full-time, highly experienced instructional designers to liaise with clients and scope out the exact requirements for any training project.   We have worked with hi-tech companies, ambulance services, government departments, city councils and a plethora of mid-sized organisations to create supporting materials that are mapped to specific required outcomes.

Whether implementing a new system roll-out, creating and delivering staff onboarding / inductions, or managing an organisational-wide professional development project, we have done it before.

ADDIE Methodology

Our standard instructional design methodology is as follows, but can vary project by project:

Face-to-Face and Online Live Delivery

During these challenging times, many organisations are moving away from face-to-face training and professional development scenarios, preferring instead to move their training online with live, instructor-led, virtual courses.  Even pre-Covid, PDT worked with international organisations, who required training sessions to be delivered to offices and individuals around the world. 

We have years of experience working in multiple time zones and using multiple online live platforms like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex or Zoom, so we are happy to utilise an organisation’s preferred online tool.

Webinar-Style or Classroom Style

We find some organisations prefer a webinar-style content delivery, with a larger audience who can engage with the trainer via chat and/or live questions.  While some organisations prefer more of an online classroom delivery where we utilise break-out sessions, white boards, etc to recreate more of a real classroom experience online.

We obviously have some opinions on which style would be better suited to each particular project, based on the subject matter, as our goal is to maximise knowledge transfer.  With 10-years’ experience in developing professional development content and delivery, we believe we can truly add value to the content development and delivery processes.

Internal Trainers vs Internal Content

PDT can also work with organisations who have already developed their own content internally, but who might lack any experienced and/or certified trainers on staff.  While, on the other hand, if an organisation has experienced trainers but does not have experienced instructional designers on staff, we can help fill both of those gaps and have acted as a supplier in both scenarios.

Contact PD Training today to discuss your requirements with a trusted professional development training company who has 10-years’ experience in providing not only quality materials, but works with our clients to achieve the highest level of knowledge transfer and staff productivity improvement!

Please contact PD Training on 1300 121 400 or visit our website to learn more today!

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