Managing Virtual Teams Toolkit – 1-Hour Course Series

Millions of displaced workers are either temporarily or permanently working from home after the impact of Corona Virus (COVID19).  With a potential global workforce, you are provided with a cost effective and talented pool of employees to draw from, but the “new normal” requires new leadership skills and management strategies to be successful.


Managing a virtual team has increased complexities because of the challenges posed by time differences, cultural differences, and an absence of personal contact.

PD Training has developed a series of 1-hour and 3-hour virtual, live training sessions to prepare managers for Virtual Team Building and Management.  The training course series provides participants with the knowledge to overcome these challenges and succeed in creating and managing a highly productive and distributed workforce.

Managing Virtual Teams Training – Communication Strategies

This course is designed to provide you with the most targeted, effective and convenient learning experience by letting you join a short, sharp and collaborative session facilitated online with a master trainer and other participants from Oceania.

Implementing solid communication strategies is imperative to make sure everyone understands exactly what is expected of them and how to best collaborate with other team members in a manner that facilitates the organisational goals will be achieved.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to keep strong and effective communication between you and your team, and between the team members
  • Understand the nuances of responsiveness, and keeping on the same page
  • Collaborate with other people facing similar scenarios

Managing Virtual Teams Training – Setting Up Your Team

In some instances, the team you manage is already in place and just needs some guidance to achieve the preferred outcomes and/or productivity levels required while working in a virtual scenario.  In other instances, you may be recruiting, so you may also benefit from our 3-hour Recruitment and Selection Course.

In this Setting Up Your Team session you will:

  • Learn how to set yourself up for success
  • Understand your virtual team members strengths and appreciate their diversity
  • Collaborate with other people facing similar scenarios

Team Meetings and Collaboration Tools and Strategies when Managing Virtual Teams

The virtual classroom uses an advanced version of Zoom called ‘Zoom for Webinars’ that includes enhanced collaboration features such as One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation (people can work together in activity files), and digital whiteboarding, and we use tools such as live polls, private group chats and participants can ‘raise their hand’ so you virtually have the same collaborative classroom based learning experience.

However, we know many organisations use other virtual platforms like MS Teams and others, so the tips we provide are easily transferable when using other platforms.  Obviously not all platforms have all the available tools that Zoom Webinars does, but we try to cover as many tools as possible.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to improve your Virtual team Meetings
  • Keep High Quality Communication with a distributed team
  • Make Meetings worthwhile without getting people in the same room
  • Collaborate with other people facing similar scenarios

Managing Virtual Teams Training – Building Trust and Cultural Challenges

When you’re managing a virtual team, you find a different set of challenges than managing people in the same place at the same time. This 1-hour online workshop helps people develop techniques to build trust and understand cultures in a distributed diverse team.

Managing a virtual team has increased complexities because of the challenges posed by time difference, cultural differences and an absence of personal contact.  You might find yourself in a situation where you are managing both international and local virtual teams, so how do we best manage this scenario?

In this session you will:

  • Build and maintain trust with a distributed team
  • Learn how to use diversity to bring people together
  • Collaborate with other people facing similar scenarios

Managing Virtual Teams Training – Succeeding with Virtual Teams

It’s not good enough just to conduct “feel good” daily/weekly team meetings, we have to maintain a focus on creating successful virtual teams who can positively contribute to the organisation’s goals and mission.  The requirements for success have not changed because our scenario has changed, but there also is the realisation that reduced worktimes does have an impact on what success means, so managing these expectations is very important.

This 1-hour course focusses specifically on managing the team on an ongoing basis, having a high-performing team and performance management with a virtual team.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to lead a high performing virtual team
  • Gain insights to building a good team culture with a virtual team
  • Learn how to provide feedback with a virtual team
  • Understand performance manage with virtual teams
  • Collaborate with other people facing similar scenarios

PD Training has been delivering live, instructor-led, virtual training courses for the past 10 years in over 20 countries, so let our experience help guide you to achieving the best possible outcomes when managing your staff virtually.

We can also provide private, customised training for organisational managers or team leaders who wish to gain and practice these skills, so contact PD Training today on 1300 121 400 or visit our website to learn more!