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There’s nothing particularly difficult about the language of sales.

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Mastering sales jargon just takes a little study and practice. Knowing the language will make you feel more confident and prepared to start selling.

Glossary of Common Sales Terms

Close/closing. It is the second to last step in the sales process. In this step, the salesperson encourages the customer to sign the order. In the past, salespeople often became pushy at this stage, but customers are more sophisticated these days and they don’t respond well to aggressive attempts to close a deal.

Cold calling. The first phone call made to a prospective client who doesn’t know you are going to ring.

Customer relationship management (CRM). A system for managing the entire sales relationship with a client. Computerised CRM systems record all customer contacts, purchases, returns, etc.

Decision maker. The person in an organisation who has the authority to agree to a sale.

Forecast. This is a list of sales opportunities that you’ve found and is usually broken down in categories based on how far the sales process has occurred.

Gate Keeper.  This is usually a receptionist or call centre that tries to filter inbound calls or emails and limit the number of sales calls that get through.

Lead. A lead is either a person or company who may be interested in buying your product or service.

Networking. An increasingly popular method of finding prospects based on referrals and introductions.

Prequalifying clients. Determining if potential clients are actually worthwhile prospects.

Proposal. Document which outlines your company’s offerings

Qualifying clients. The process of getting to know potential customers — who they are, what they do, what they need.

Quote. Document which outline the costs for the proposed solution.

Sales funnel. A pattern that describes the conversion of prospects into sales. Many prospects enter the funnel at the top, but only a few are converted to sales. (This analogy is actually flawed because in a real funnel everything that goes in the top comes out the bottom.) The term “sales pipeline” has a similar meaning.

Warm calling. Calls made after the initial contact with a customer, often in response to a call from the customer.

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