How to Create Sales Solutions: Sales Training in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Clients need many more things than you might be planning to sell them.

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Create sales solutions and sell better

To learn to create and pitch solution to clients, consider participating in Sales Training Course offered by pdtraining in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and other cities in Australia.

The more you can do for a client, the more you will be seen as a valuable partner.

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Here are some suggestions about how it might be possible to meet some other client needs:

  • Information. You might be able to act as a consultant to a client, providing information about the latest developments in your field.
  • Training. If you provide a product that requires some training, make training part of the package.
  • Financing. If your company does not provide financing, put the client in touch with banks that do.
  • Community. Communities often grow up around particular products, especially high tech products. Introduce clients to users groups or trade organizations.
  • Personnel. You probably know a number of capable people who are thinking about changing jobs. Helping a client find skilled employees can benefit everyone involved. If the people you recommend are hired, they will become some of your strongest advocates.

Creating Potential Solutions

Providing sales solutions is a matter of finding ways to address the problems identified through the questions you ask a client.

If the client’s problems are fairly simple, you may be able to offer a solution on the spot. For more complex problems, you may need some time to study the situation before you come up with a way to deal with it.

In addressing these more difficult problems, you might take the same approach you would use with a problem in your own organization. Assemble a group of knowledgeable staff and ask them to brainstorm solutions.

Find the best ideas and implement them. Conducting extensive research of the problem will help you build a good reputation and ultimately get you more referral clients.

Creating a “Sales Pitch”

Once you have made it past the opening, it’s time to make your pitch.

In preparing your sales pitch, work on coming up with a clear, persuasive explanation of what your product can do for the client.  Be prepared to answer the all-important question that all clients have: What’s in it for me?

This is, after all, the basic question in all financial dealings. If you are trying to persuade people to part with money they have earned, you may well need to work to give them reasons to do so. The central point in any sale is getting the customer to see why what you are offering them is better than any competitor’s offering, and that you will see that their best interests are served.

When making a pitch it is important to get the balance right between attractiveness and believability. You can promise the earth to a potential customer in order to get them to sign on the bottom line, but if they do not believe you can deliver on what you are offering then it will be completely pointless.

Also, as most deals have a “cooling off” period, the chances are that if you oversell your product they will be dissatisfied and bring the deal to an end before it has had time to become established.

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