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To sell better and sell consistently, knowing about the common sales approaches is vital.

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Learn to sell better and sell more

To learn new strategies and approaches used in selling, consider using Sales Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne and many other cities in Australia.

Often these approaches are dictated by the organisation, so make sure to ask what approach a prospective employer uses so you will know if your personal style matches the company’s sales process.  If you like soft selling, then doing hard closes probably won’t be for you.

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Sales Approaches Discussed:

  • Consultative approach. This is a long-term approach to sales. It may not lead to sales right away, but by building a relationship with a client it aims to create sales opportunities in the future. The more you learn about a client, the better able you are to understand the client’s wants and needs. It is an approach which depends upon trust – you trust that the customer will see the benefits of buying from you and they trust that you will give them the correct steer. The danger with this approach is that you may spend a considerable amount of time building a relationship and then having nothing to show for it. By building a relationship, however, you increase the chances of large-scale and repeat business.
  • Hard sell. Many people are turned off by this approach. They consider it too pushy. This approach is used most often with clients who have a hard time making up their minds. It is only advisable to use the hard sell in a one-off setting where time is at a premium – if they don’t buy now; you are not likely to see them again. Therefore it is “now or never”.
  • Technical sales. This approach is used most often with highly technical products and services. Sales personnel need some technical knowledge so that they will be on an equal footing with clients. The client will have a clear idea of what they are looking for, and a checklist of priorities. You will point them towards a range of items which meet those priorities – if not entirely then as well as possible. You may offer a personal opinion based on an understanding that you know what they want and they know you have enough product knowledge to point them in the right direction.
  • Pre-Sales. Often used in conjunction with technical selling, the pre-sales teams will often interact with the customer and technical people and act as a bit of a liaison between the clients and technical sales team.

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