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How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview – The Personal Interview Coach

Congratulations, you’ve made the short-list to be interviewed and now the day is upon you!

You have done your homework on the company and possibly even the person conducting the interview if you know that information.  You are dressed for the part and arrive early.  The person at reception invites you into the meeting room and you try to settle down and get prepared.

Your interviewer arrives, and after some introductory small talk, the questioning begins.  Inevitably you get the question, “So, can you share with me 3 of your strengths that you would bring to this role and organisation?”

Job earch and Job Interview Online LIve Training Course

You smile, relax, and confidently reply with concise answers, supported by scientific research, because you are empowered by your own Personal Interview Coach (PIC) Report!

Personal Interview Coach (PIC)

PIC is REACH Ecosystem’s latest individualised report that is intended to help anyone who is preparing for job interviews to better understand themselves, their personality style and their individual strengths and areas for improvement.

After completing a short profile survey, the report is immediately available and sent to you via the email you registered on the platform. 

The Personal Interview Coach is based on the REACH Profile assessment; a scientifically validated personality survey used by corporations and government agencies around the globe for selection, coaching, team building and leadership development.

The REACH Profile measures ten style-based dimensions of personality (traits). This report describes four key dimensions of your personal style based on your responses to the REACH Profile.

The PIC Report Includes:

· Overview of your personal style dimensions

· Insight into how your personal style may impact your approach to work and relationships

· Elements of the work environment that may be most appealing

· Factors to consider when interviewing for a position based on your style

· Practice questions designed to explore strengths and overcome challenges of your style

· Interview tips for all personality styles

What is REACH?

The concept of REACH basically presupposes that the profile creates a “snapshot” of your personality traits on the given day the profile is completed.

However, with support, awareness and training, individuals can enhance and improve their “REACH”, which means you can improve your ability to “reach” into the other personality styles and we have dozens of science-based articles which prove that people with a higher REACH score are more effective in their roles.  These studies have been conducted across a wide range of industries and business types and results are always the same; a higher REACH means better results full stop!

Preparing for Difficult Interview Questions

So, during my 25+ years in management, I have interviewed 100’s and 100’s of potential employees.

In that role, I always asked the question already mentioned, “Can you give me 3 strengths you bring to the table?”  I believe everyone is somewhat prepared for this or a similar question.

But, the one question that I always asked next, which almost always threw people off, was the follow-up question, “OK, now can you share with me three things you think you could improve upon?”

Almost every time, I saw panic in their eyes as they struggled to come up with something that would not immediately dismiss them from the job.  Most people were completely stumped and they squirmed in their seat looking at me for some guidance, so I would share with them something about myself that I thought could be improved upon.

Even after sharing my example, many potential employees just would not, or could not, come up with even one thing they felt they could be better at.  Now, I totally understand how someone in a job interview would not want to admit to anything they could improve, but the reality is, everyone has something they could be better at!

The Power of Science-Based Reporting

So, how powerful would it be when asked that question, to be able to smile, relax and calmly explain that, based on a science-based tool that you recently underwent in preparation for this interview, which showed that you excelled in these specific areas, but you could improve on the following skills or types of engagements?

You could possibly even turn the whole interview around in your favour as you discuss, not only your current strengths and areas for improvement, but in addition to that, you are in the process of learning how to improve yourself and become better in those areas and you are on a real path to personal and professional improvement!

Now that is a powerful message that any potential employer would not only appreciate but would probably perceive as a real standout when comparing you to other interviewees.

3-Hour Job Interview Course

PD Training has developed a series of online, virtual courses to prepare you for finding, applying for and interviewing for a new job.

When you attend any of these courses, you will receive an invitation to get a free Personal Interview Coach report that you can use to prepare and practice for your next job interview.

As stated, this report can be used to show where you are right now in your employment status, while also putting you on a path for improvement, so take advantage of this fantastic, value-added offer when you attend one our related 3-hour courses, conducted live, online with a real trainer.

We have both a public schedule of online virtual courses or please contact us if you have a requirement for internal customised training for your organisation.

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