Must-Have Skills for Essential Skills for PA’s and Secretaries: Training in Sydney, Melbourne 

A personal assistant needs to manage many tasks and communicate with many people.Foundation Skills for PA's and Executive Assistants delivered by pdtraining in Melbourne

If you want to excel as a personal assistant, consider developing skills by participating in Advanced Skills for PA’s and Secretaries from pd training in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

A personal assistant must develop skills that will make work easier, less time consuming and better in quality. Skill development not only helps in professional success, but also provides you knowledge that you can use in your life to become a stronger person. The must-have skills for personal assistants include:

Active Listening

It is important for a  personal assistant to listen actively to the information being shared or the requests that need to be fulfilled. Remembering the particulars of a request becomes crucial in successfully carrying out the task.

Time Management

Managing various tasks and responsibilities can consume more time and energy if management of time is done. Identifying tasks that need to be completed before others, and making time for the fulfilment of all necessary tasks requires skill that time management provides.


A personal assistant must know how to manage people with confidence. Knowing when and where to be assertive helps to steer decisions your way or influence changes. A confident personal assistant is able to communicate better, manage people better and take quick decisions when they are needed.

Quick Thinking

A personal assistant must be able to think quickly and respond fast. As the job requires communicating with various people in real time, quick thinking becomes a valuable asset.


Organising saves time. Make it a habit to keep papers in their folders and keep the company data organised. Keeping files and folders organised on the computer and/or in the physical space is essential for quickly recovering them when needed. Additionally, keeping the work space organised makes it easier to work, consuming much less time in finding or getting things you need.


Mastery in communication can ease the way a personal assistant works. Effective communication helps to provide precise instructions or information to people, influence others, minimise misunderstandings, and enhances the confidence of getting things done.

Prioritising for Meeting Deadlines

Knowing which task must be done before the others is an important skill in meeting deadlines and completing the important tasks before the less important ones. Prioritising also helps in organising and management of tasks. It helps to build focus on completing tasks and limits wastage of time and resources due to chaos and mismanagement.

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