Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Brisbane, Melbourne

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training in Brisbane, Melbourne – Dealing with Stressful Situations 

Knowing your reactions to difficult situations will help you to overcome them more easily.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Brisbane, Melbourne
Manage difficult situations

To understand and use emotional intelligence, consider participating in the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Brisbane, Melbourne and other cities in Australia.

A difficult situation becomes more stressful when you do not have control over it. Even though it is not easy to have control over every circumstance, you can help yourself and others deal with a stressful situation and overcome it by using emotional intelligence.

Recognising Emotions 

Before you determine the reason for the stress, you need to bring the situation under control. It involves making sure that any person, be it you or others, are not extremely emotionally disturbed. Recognising your emotional state and that of the other person(s) ensures that you reach a resolution without getting into damaging conflicts. After you are sure that you and the other person are calm enough, you can then proceed to controlling the difficult situation.

Build Cooperation 

If the difficulty affects others, then you must build some level of cooperation among the affected parties so that a resolution can be achieved. For building cooperation, you can find a common ground, a common goal that everybody involved wishes to achieve. 

Finding the Root Cause

Whether you are dealing with a stressful situation alone or with others, you must find out the root cause of the problem after you can think calmly and rationally. If you are facing difficulty in finding the root cause of the problem, you may use others’ opinion with or without revealing the problem to them. Having multiple perspectives always helps to gain a broader outlook on a problem, and provides assistance in its successful resolution.

Gaining and Maintaining Self-Control

A stressful situation is stressful precisely because it upsets your peace. Even though you might lose your self-control for a while, you must regain it and maintain it when you are resolving the problem.

By understanding your own reactions, your personal triggers and your emotional status, you can control your emotions and reactions. For instance, if you are aware that you get angry when somebody comments on your weight (thin or fat), you can be aware of the rising anger in you when such a situation actually happens. When you are aware of something, you can observe and analyse it, and thus control it. Being unaware, on the other hand, makes you reactive and not thoughtful, which can worsen an already tense situation.

Reclaiming Positivity and Peace

Every difficult situation leaves some damage. It is, therefore, necessary to take steps to rebuild the positivity and good relations to minimise the negative impact brought on by the difficulty.

Depending on the situation, you may use empathy, communication, presents, meetings, etc. to show that you do not hold any negative feelings against the other person(s). Many times, you will find that a difficult situation makes your relationships stronger than before. Stay positive and make an effort to eliminate the bad impact of the stressful situation upon you and others.

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