What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Training Course in Canberra

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise one’s own emotions and those of others so that they can be controlled to achieve positive and productive outcomes.emotional intelligence training courses

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Emotions affect our behaviour, choices and outlook no matter how rational we may think we are. It is important, therefore, to understand our own emotional responses and identify clues that express others’emotions. If we are better able to understand emotions, we are better able to manage ourselves and others.

How Emotional Intelligence Helps

We all take clues from other people’s verbal and non-verbal communications, and the environment to navigate our own behaviour. Observing and processing the emotional information we receive in our interactions can improve our ability to:

  • Respond appropriately
  • Manage relationships better
  • Lead others effectively
  • Influence and persuade others
  • Manage our own reactions
  • Control our behaviour

In a professional environment, you can use emotional intelligence to enhance your work relationships with your colleagues, superiors and subordinates. Where professionals work in a team, a developed emotional intelligence helps to build a more coordinated, committed and productive team.

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Emotional Intelligence also leads to empathising with others. For team members and team leaders, the development of emotional intelligence leads to enhanced cooperation and understanding among the team. Especially in a work environment where there are people from different cultural backgrounds, age groups, educational background, etc., emotional intelligence among the employees can help to bridge the differences.

Controlling of emotions and reactions is necessary to build and maintain a supportive work environment, and a productive you. If you do not allow your emotions to interfere with your thinking while letting them guide you to positivity, you can establish healthy relationships with others, and manage yourself better.

Management of Self and Others

When you understand how and why you react the way you do, you have a much better ability to control your reactions. You will understand your triggers: situations and people that affect you more emotionally. This understanding will help you to think rationally even in an emotional situation, thereby, assisting you to manage it successfully.

Even if other people do not have a developed EQ, you can alter their reactions, and influence them into changing their behaviour and actions. As emotional intelligence also involves early identification of emotions and reactions, it also helps to spot conflicts early and resolve them successfully before they can damage.

A person with a developed EQ has greater control over himself/herself, over others, and over the environment. For professionals, this quality can mean better relationships, understanding of others, and superior control in stressful situations.

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