Customer Service Training in Melbourne – How to Treat Customers

Customers expect to be helped and treated with courtesy, but you should exceed their expectations and give outstanding service.

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Customer Service Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Melbourne
Build return customers

Customer service professionals can provide an excellent experience to customers by providing them with care and comfort. When companies provide a superb customer service experience, they often turn customers into loyal customers. A few simple techniques discussed below can help you make customers feel like royalty.

Initiate Conversation

When a customer enters your store or office, you must make eye contact, smile and ask if they wish to be helped. When doing this, you are telling the customer that they are welcome, that you are happy that they are there, and that you are ready to assist them. Do not wait for the customer to ask for help.

If they do not require help, tell them where they can find you in case they need assistance. Never continue to talk to customers when they have refused help and do not want to be disturbed.

Be Positive

People like to be around positive individuals. Make sure that you display positivity through your words, body language and tone of voice. Positivity is infectious. Pleasantness in behaviour and expressions make the other person feel good too. For example, when you see someone laugh, you also begin to smile. Such positive expressions such as smile, laughter, encouraging words, genuine politeness and care impact people’s liking. Therefore, you must ensure that you try to feel and be positive on most occasions.

Listen to Them

Many times, customers just want you to listen to them. They might not even be looking for feedback. When a customer is speaking, listen without interrupting. If they are talking about something important regarding the purchase, then you must listen to them actively and respond appropriately. If they are only making small talk, you must listen to them and use insertions such as ‘hmm’, ‘of course’, and ‘yes’ to let them know that you are listening.

Their Purchasing Decision Must Not Impact Your Behaviour

Whether a customer buys or not, you must not stop giving them the best service that you can. A customer, even if he/she does not buy on the present occasion, may buy in the future. Even if they never buy, they will never speak ill of your company if they have received good service. Irrespective of their purchasing decision, you must treat every customer equally.

Treat Them Royally

You must treat your customer nothing less than royally. Make sure that they are comfortable. Provide any help that will make their work easier. Small gestures such as asking for water, providing a chair, or helping them with handbags can make a big difference in how customers feel how they are treated.

Never let your customers wait for long. If you need them to wait, offer them something to engage themselves with, such as a newspaper, magazine or a drink. Keep informing them about the progress and apologise for the delay.

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