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Building Relationships Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Training in Adelaide, Perth

To develop positive and productive relationships with others, we must be sensitive to their emotions as well as ours.

You may participate in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course from pdtraining in Adelaide, Perth and other cities in Australia to gain insight into how you can use emotional intelligence to develop better relationships and enhance your personality.

Seeing Others’ Perspectives

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course from pdtraining in Adelaide, Perth
Use simple techniques to build relationships

We rarely see things from others’ perspectives. When a person tells us their perspective, we are able to understand their position better. But it is not always that others will tell you how they feel or think. You will need to understand their perspective from their behaviour and reactions, and you can only do so when you are observant. Part of developing emotional intelligence is to become aware of others’ emotions. Through it, you can not only control their behaviour and reactions, but also your own.

Each one of us has both positive and negative qualities. To build healthy relationships, you need to recognise and allow the positive qualities to grow while managing to avoid triggering negative thoughts and behaviours. For example, if your colleague hates interruptions to her routine even if sudden urgent tasks come up, but she loves collaborating with others on projects, you may allow her to collaborate on urgent tasks while giving her the larger chunk of the work to do. If, on the other hand, you force her to do what she is uncomfortable doing, she can become dissatisfied with her work, which will negatively impact her work and behaviour.

Managing Relationships

When you have to manage various relationships, you need to have a system of managing the time, effort and resources you give to your relationships. You can only build and maintain healthy relationships if you can give appropriate time and effort to each relationship. To do that, you need to prioritise. Which people are the most important to you? Is it your friends, parents, siblings, partner, children, team members, club members?

You must not only think about the present when prioritising. Think about twenty years from now. Who are the people that will still be valuable to you? Those are the people to whom you must share your resources with the most, whenever there is a need to. If you prioritise your relationships correctly, you will be able to synchronise expectations, and build and maintain happy and productive relationships all around.

Understanding Background 

To understand the behaviour of others, you need to understand their background. Even though we all have certain inherent tendencies, likes and dislikes, we are also greatly influenced by our circumstances. If a person behaves contrary to your expectations, you may need to find if he/she had faced difficulties in the past.

If you can gain some information about their background, you will understand their behaviour better. You will also be more understanding and forgiving if you understand why the person is behaving in a certain manner. It will make you more willing to help the other person become stronger.

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All public Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.