Customer Service Training Course in Canberra – Online Customer Service Dos and Don’ts

Knowledge of the rules of the Internet and online communication is necessary to protect a company image.

If you want to gain knowledge and skills in providing customer service, join the Customer Service Training Course offered by PD Training in Canberra and other cities in Australia.

Customer Service Training Course offered by PD Training in Canberra
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Things You Should Do in Online Customer Service

If you have an online presence, you need to create and practice some rules to build your online reputation, stay safe from trouble, and build happy customers.

Engage in Conversation

Customers expect an interaction when they initiate communication with a company. To ensure successful online brand building, make sure that you have the resources to reply to each customer inquiry. When customers do not receive a reply from a company, they feel ignored and disappointed. Even a short and precise answer can suffice, as long as it comes on time.

Be Polite

When communication is solely written, it is difficult to judge the emotions behind it. As a result, online communications can be easily misunderstood. When communicating online, company representatives must make extra effort to express themselves politely. The use of emoticons, exclamation marks and greetings come in handy to show that you value the other person.

Follow Company Rules

Every company that has an online presence has certain rules regarding online behaviour and privacy. When communicating online, it is essential to know that what you express online can never be removed. Even if you can delete it, somebody may copy your communication or take a screenshot and share it with anybody prior to the deletion. There is limited privacy on the Internet, which is why it is important to think before sharing information or views on the Internet.

Things You Should Not Do in Online Customer Service

Consumers behave a little differently online. When interacting with customers online, company representatives must ensure that they do not damage the company’s reputation and service. The tips below can help.

Customer Service Training Course offered by PD Training in Canberra
Give online stability to your company

Avoid Arguments

The Internet provides anonymity, leading some people to display bad behaviour at the slightest issue. When interacting online, company representatives must take care to not engage in arguments. Even when in the right, they must ensure that they do not express anything that may cause them or their company to run into a problem. Remember that both positive and negative things go viral, and the last thing you want is to be responsible for the negative publicity of your company.

Do Not Delay

When online, customers expect instant communication. Keeping this need of customers in mind, many companies automate replies. Even if you can resolve a complaint after 12 hours, inform the customer within minutes of the inquiry that you have received their request and will provide them with an answer within 12 hours. Make sure that you provide the service that the customer requested within 12 hours in a personalised manner.

Do Not Promise What You Cannot Deliver

It is never good business practice to promise what you cannot deliver. Whether it is regarding customer service, a product or service, or a promotion, never promise people more than what is in your capacity to provide. Disappointed customers do not return. This will also create negative publicity for the company. It is better to be honest and look for other ways to sell more rather than to misinform customers and lose reputation.

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