How to Profile Sales Team: Online Psychological Sales Profiling Tool

sales Psychometric Personality Profiling Tool from pdtraining
Psychometric Personality Profiling

Sales Profiling Reporting Online Tool

If you are considering using personality profiling, check out Psychometric Personality Profiling Tool from pdtraining.

This Sales Profile Report (SPR) is a sales coaching tool that identifies two primary factors of an individual’s personality style and explores how these factors may impact that person’s approach to the various stages of the sales cycle.

The two primary factors measured are referred to as “Achievement Drive” and “Relational Drive”.

Each primary factor is broken down into 5 dimensions:

Achievement Drive Dimensions –

1. Accomplishing Goals

2. Asserting Yourself

3. Taking Risks

4. Adapting to Change

5. Decision-making

Relating Drive Dimensions –

1. Competing

2. Working Together

3. Helping Others

4. Opening Up

5. Protecting Yourself

This report is an amazing profiling tool that profiles the strengths and development opportunities for sales people of all levels across an organisation.

How Does it Work?

The instrument uses 95 items to measure two primary factors (Achievement Drive and Relational Drive) and the ten dimensions which highlight the strengths and weaknesses of sales people during each step in the sales cycle.

How is it Used?

The Sales Profile Report (SPR) is used in a range of contexts around the world including:

Targeted Workplace Sales Coaching & Training

Sales Managers have a strong focus on improving the effectiveness of each of their team members, by having each of their team members complete the SPR they can analyse where each salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses lie – and can then focus their coaching and support on the specific areas that will have the greatest impact for each individual salesperson.

These online sales profiling tools can also work as a highly effective Training Needs Analysis tool – when a common weakness is found across the sales team highly targeted group training can be delivered – for example the SPR would highlight if the team shared a weakness in using closing techniques.

The SPR takes the guess work out of running high-impact sales training and allows the sales manager or training company to develop a customised sales coaching program based on this assessment.

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