pdtraining Launches LDP Personality Profiling Tools in Australia

Personality Profiling

Profiling/Psychometric Testing using the LDP online tools.

If you are looking for personality profiling tools, consider Personality Profiling Tools offered by pdtraining in Australia.

The LDP measures two primary drivers (Achievement Drive and Relational Drive). Achievement Drive provides a summary of an individual’s approach to tasks and goals while Relational Drive provides a summary of an individual’s approach to interpersonal relations.

The LDP provides detailed insight to these two primary drivers by also measuring ten specific dimensions.

The interpretation of the two primary drivers and ten specific dimensions are used to provide three detailed and thorough reports (see below) that are used very effectively in a range of training, development, coaching and selection applications.

Want to know how LDP stacks up against the others such as MBTI, DiSC, JUNG, Hogan, Big 5, Craft etc?
Check out comparative research here

Personal Style Report:

The industry leading LDP Personal Style Report provides individuals with a remarkable and detailed insight into their tendencies and behaviours as individuals and with a strong focus of behaviours in an organisational context.

More details on our Personal Style Report

Sales Profile Report:

This Sales Profile Report (SPR) is a sales coaching tool that identifies two primary factors of an individual’s personality style and explores how these factors may impact the individual’s approach to the various stages of the sales cycle. The two primary factors measured are referred to as Achievement Drive and Relational Drive.

This report is an amazing tool that profiles the strengths and development opportunities for sales people of all levels across an organisation.

More details on our Sales Profile Report & Aptitude Test

Leadership Coaching Report:

This Leadership Coaching Report (LCR) is a tool designed to increase the effectiveness of short and long term Leadership development training initiatives.

The two primary factors measured are referred to as Achievement Drive and Relational Drive.

This leadership profiling tool provides keen insight into the different dimensions of a person’s leadership style, and their strengths and weaknesses in a range of situational leadership circumstances and leadership dimensions – such as their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas like coaching and mentoring.

More details on our Leadership Coaching Style Report

Managerial 360 Feedback

Leading Dimensions 360 Feedback tools are specifically designed to provide managers with the information they need to be the best leaders they can be. Subordinates, co-workers and managers provide constructive feedback in various areas to include Communication, Recognition and Role Clarity and Working Relationships. This information is packaged and presented in a way that provides a road map to top performance.

Download PDF: Sample Managerial 360 Feedback Report

Organisational Engagement

The Leading Dimensions Organizational Engagement Review provides leaders with the information needed to optimize the performance of their organizations. The tool provides an overall Organizational Engagement Index by measuring ten important dimensions of employee engagement. The measures of these dimensions, to include Organizational Culture, Communication, Job Relevance and Organization Purpose, provides specific insight needed to create an environment that prompts a passionate and fully engaged workforce.

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