A Business Development Success Story

As the General Manager for Mainstream Industries, Greg Sauer was looking for the ticket to give his organisation the edge over competitors.

pdtraining because of their modern and real-world course content, variety of pricing structures, adaptable trainers and ability to tailor the training to his business and team’s specific needs.

Seeking professional development for his business and team in the areas of Time Management, Communication Skills and Supervision Training, Greg worked requested pdtraining’s expertise in creating him a tailored training program involving three  separate courses…

From the initial phone call enquiry about pdtraining’s services to the follow-up emails and phone calls organising the courses’ booking details, Greg found all of the staff friendly and eager to provide a great service. He appreciated that they actively sought feedback from him and his team in order to ensure they were receiving everything they needed and if there was anything that could be done better.

“Every pdtraining representative I spoke with was cooperative, enthusiastic and timely with their phone calls, emails and follow-ups. All course literature arrived well before each of the training courses,” he said.

pdtraining’s outstanding and versatile trainer, Jack, wowed the Mainstream team with his ability to quickly build rapport with each of the participants and remember employees who attended more than one of the courses. Jack’s professional and approachable manner made the learning journey for Greg and his team an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

As Greg has evidently noted, “It has only been a short time since the courses were completed but even at this early stage it is very evident that all of the participants embraced the training and are starting to adapt the concepts learnt into their work and also in their private lives.”

He was able to receive feedback from the employees who participated in the Time Management, Communication Skills and Supervision Training courses incorporated in the training plan pdtraining created for the company. Encouragingly, a large number of participants recommended that all of the Mainstream workforce would benefit from the Communication Skills component of their training strategy.

Greg and his team at Mainstream’s personal development journey was made possible by the flexibility of content in each of the pdtraining courses, the willingness of the trainer to engage with him and all of the participants involved, and the relaxed learning environment designed to give everybody the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

If it’s time for you and your team to begin your personal development journey today.

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All public courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.

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