The Importance of Professionalism Over the Phone: Professional Telephone Skills Training in Sydney, Canberra

Professional Telephone Skills Training Course from pdtraining in Sydney, Canberra
Improve the professionalism of your staff on the phone

When making a large purchase decision, most consumers will phone 3-4 purveyors of their desired good or service, with the intention of comparing price, service and responsiveness.

To build skills in conducting telephone conversations, use Professional Telephone Skills Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Canberra and other cities in Australia.

While your company will have to rate “average” or better in all 3 categories in this generally intuitive, generally unstructured market survey to win their business, you can lose even the opportunity to compete for the business in the first 10 seconds of voice contact your potential customer has with your company.

A few things to consider:
• Who in your company would regularly or could potentially answer a call to your main line?
• What is their level of product/service knowledge?
• Do they have a company org chart instantly available?
• Do they fully understand the roles and responsibilities of each Department/Division?
• Is there a professionally-scripted call-flow in place, customised for your business, including instructions on classifying call types as well as policies & procedures on how to deal with each?
If your answer to any of the above was “I don’t know”, “Poor”, or “No”, then this has already cost you the opportunity to compete for business.
In these days of information over-supply, your customers are not only better educated than ever, they are also much more demanding.

Your first point of contact with an incoming call will rarely close business, but, if not done perfectly, will frequently lose business!

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