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Do You Spell “Team” with an “I”?

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Leadership Training Course (Two-Day) in Melbourne
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In fact, there are 4 or more individuals, each with their own perspectives, drivers, needs, ambitions, skills, talents and shortcomings. When you build, train or take over a leadership role involving a team, you must get the maximum business benefit from the team as a whole.

There are many complex factors involved in achieving this: matching team roles to personality styles, individual capabilities and business priorities.

Each individual will require slightly (or grossly) different management techniques when on a 1:1 basis, but the really tricky bit is melding, and eventually welding all those individual human parts into a cohesive, effective and efficiently functioning unit – your team!

If you simply use your own native style, you will either select, or worse yet mould a team with all your own strengths

AND failings, ending up with multiple copies of one part of a machine, not all the different parts needed for smooth, efficient and predictable operation.

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Four “I’s” are better than one.

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