Pdtraining Launches the Connected Classroom in Australia, New Zealand and USA

pdtraining-connected-classroomProfessional development training has been changed like never before!

On July 1, 2014, pdtraining launched the “Connected Classroom” in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

OK, so what’s the big deal?

First, courses will be delivered using Android tablets instead of traditional printed manuals.  This will result in a savings of over 500,000 printed pages in the next 12 months in Australia alone.  Can you hear the trees applauding in the background?

Next, students attending the pdtraining courses will keep the tablets after the course is finished and the device can be used at their next training course which will enable a $100 discount off of all future courses with pdtraining.

Learning and development managers will now be adding to their organisation’s asset register every time they book someone in for a course with pdtraining.

But it’s not all about the gadgets!  The tablet is simply a tool which will enable the “connected classroom” experience. 

From this device the students will:

1. Access and edit their training materials as required

2. They will undergo a personality profiling assessment

3. View 100’s of professional development videos on the pdtraining YouTube video channel

4. Interact with their trainer and the other students in same the course (before the course date) in a private online forum

5. Access an e-learning version of the course they are attending

6. Instantly be enrolled in an international LinkedIn forum where they can interact with like-minded professionals from around the world

Pre-course support includes a private training forum for each course, which will allow students to interact directly with their trainer before the course, so the trainer can prepare some customised tips and tricks for each student.


The personality profiling tool will give both students and trainers an insight into their learning styles and personality types.  All pdtraining trainers are certified in the LDP profiling tools which gives them the ability to assess personality types and incorporate specific teaching styles that match and mirror the student’s various personality types.

In class the students can interact with the digital courseware to make notes, highlight text or bookmark their favourite pages of content.

During the course students can also ask difficult questions or make discrete comments to the trainer via the private online forum.


So what happens after the course is delivered???

The Connected Classroom post-course support includes a number of valuable training tools:

  1. 10 x monthly Skill Booster emails
  2. Unlimited Access to 100’s of training videos
  3. 12 x months access to an e-learning version of their course
  4. Instant enrollment into a LinkedIn forum of like-minded professionals from around the world

Students will receive a monthly Skills Booster email that highlights some of the key skills taught in the course.  The goal is to keep the newly learned skills fresh in their mind and at hand for easy use in their daily business interactions.

Pdtraining has built a YouTube channel which hosts 100’s of professional development training videos developed by training professionals from all over the world.


Students will get access to an e-learning course version of their face-to-face course.  This allows students to review the content taught in the course at their leisure using interactive e-learning.

The pdtraining LinkedIn forums are broken down into 5 major categories based on the type of course students attend.  These forums are available for students to post questions, create and comment on discussions and interact with like-minded professional from all over the world (pdtraining currently delivers training courses in 9 countries including Australia, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, UK and Nigeria).


A New Training Paradigm

This shift away from traditional training delivered by trainers with no previous interaction with students, while using outdated, printed courseware, is something the team at pdtraining takes very seriously.

With over 60 years of combined training industry experience, the team of professionals at pdtraining is passionate about implementing a complete shift in how professional education is delivered, consumed and supported.

Students will get the support required to assure a skills-transfer does take place.  This will empower students to make the changes required in their workplace to improve productivity, moral, personal satisfaction and ultimately reduce attrition and hiring costs.

To learn more about how the “Connected Classroom” can benefit your organisation, contact pdtraining in Australia on 1300 121 400 or send an email to [email protected]