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While we are looking at all of the responses to the Goal-setting series, let’s have a quick review of negotiation basics, as one of the most ubiquitous and most important business skills.

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In business, as in life, we negotiate constantly – everything from employee (or manager) performance reviews, to salary and benefits, to sales processes, to promotion packages.

Every negotiation will result in just one of two possible outcomes; Compromise or Failure.

Compromise does NOT mean capitulation, or giving in – it means understanding what is essential to you (i.e. a deal-breaker, or hard limit) and what is less important to you than successfully concluding an agreement, AND understanding the same for the other party to the negotiation.

The art of negotiation is in finding common ground, areas of agreement, and expanding agreement until both parties are happy to commit (and deliver). In other words, when both parties think or say “yes, we will conclude a deal here and now, let’s just work out the details”.

If you can learn to recognize that point… then learn to control when and how hard to push, but always remember the guiding principle – You are not just closing this one deal, you are creating a revenue stream for BOTH parties for many years to come.

Only through a mutually beneficial agreement will you create an ongoing profit centre.

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