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Supervising Staff is One of the Most Challenging Jobs You’ll Ever Have

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Anyone who has ever been involved with managing staff knows this axiom to be true.

I’ve had a number of ex-employees tell me I was the best manager they ever had, and I always asked them to explain that to me.  In other words I asked them why they felt that way.

The answers were always different, and that was the basis of my management philosophy; I managed each employee differently.

As a sales manager, for one of largest international training providers on the planet for 5 years, I was expected to hire, train and manage large teams of telesales staff.

The company had a very specific “system” and everyone sales person was expected to follow that system blindly.

What I learned from this experience was that every person has different skills, strengths and weaknesses, so by forcing them to all fall in line with one way of selling, we would get mixed results and our attrition rate was over 50%.

I left that company and went to work as a sales manager in a local company who had a much more flexible attitude around the type of activities a sale person should know and implement.

I was able to utilise three different types of sales techniques, so this allowed me to hire people who had the strengths I wanted for a particular type of selling and a different personality type to match a different way of making sales.

It doesn’t matter of you are a sales manager or a marketing manager or a general manager; you are still a manager who will probably supervise staff, so the lesson for today is flexibility.

If you learn to manage and supervise using flexibility as one of your secret tools, you too will have staff telling you that you were the best manager they ever had.

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