Customer Service Training Theory in Practice: Customer Service Training Course in Melbourne

Customer Service Training Course from pd training in Melbourne
Train to excel at customer service

The longer I spend training customer service, and receiving customer service the more it reinforces to me that to provide great customer service and exceed expectations you first need to listen!

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People are forever rambling on about meeting expectations and providing great service, but if you ask them how they know what the customer wants, likes or doesn’t like they often have no idea. Sometimes big organisations spend a lot of time on market research as part of their product development – which is a version of the ultimate in customer service. Because if you think about it before providing a product or service they are asking the customers what they would like – this is step number 1!

However, often from there, the people actually providing service are just told to follow a process (internal procedure focused) or just to simply “provide good service”.

There is no short cut for asking customers what they need, or what they would like – the simple act of asking shows a customer focus and a desire to help. And when in doubt, put yourself in the customers shoes and ask ‘what would I want in their situation’.

Customer service is not about always saying Yes, it is about understanding, listening and genuinely aiming to meet your customers needs.

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