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conflict resolution training course in Canberra, Adelaide from pd training
Prevent and resolve conflicts at work

Conflicts are inevitable even in the most healthy relationships and environments, but conflicts must be resolved early and successfully to avoid its long-term harmful effects.

Conflict Resolution Training Course from pdtraining is a powerful course delivered in Canberra, Adelaide and other cities that help you to prevent and handle conflicts.

Conflict resolution is an essential part of effective management that leads to healthy work environments and increased productivity. Managing conflicts include negotiation, appreciation, persuasion, assertiveness and building of goodwill. Bringing out positivity from negative situations and people is an art that can be learnt through training.

Steps of Conflict Resolution

Conflicts arise because of different expectations, goals and methods of operation. Effective conflict resolution can be conducted after complete understanding of various facets of conflicts. Steps of conflict resolution include:

  1. Identifying and understanding the causes and sources of conflicts
  2. Understanding and implementing the various methods of conflict resolution
  3. Developing flexibility in person and conflict resolution processes to handle all kinds of conflicts
  4. Practicing anger and stress management to successfully manage conflicts and provide solutions
  5. Finding methods to prevent conflicts

Managing people from different backgrounds and building cooperation between them to achieve goals is a difficult task that requires multiple skills. It is important for managers to build emotional intelligence to nurture relationships for the healthy growth of the employees and the organisation.

Advantages of Training in Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is an important part of human resource management geared towards health and productivity. Successful organisations use conflict resolution to provide a healthy work environment to their employees.

Training in conflict resolution helps in minimising, recognising, understanding and resolving conflicts. Comprehensive training in conflict resolution must include:

  • Understanding of conflict resolution processes
  • Using the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument
  • Choosing different place, time and skills to resolve different kinds of conflicts
  • Building an understanding of others’ perspectives
  • Focusing on an individual’s needs
  • Discovering the cause of conflict
  • Generating options
  • Building a solution

Conflict resolution is carried out by organisations because of the multiple benefits it provides including:

  • Higher employee-satisfaction level
  • Building of goodwill
  • Creation of a positive work environment
  • Reduction in work-stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased effectiveness of teams

As every organisation is built through people, the importance of human resource cannot be underestimated. Managers who have the skills to effectively handle conflicts at work build work environments that are more productive.

Organisations with effective conflict resolution methods have satisfied and motivated employees who work together for the growth of the organisation. For that, early and successful resolution of conflicts is essential.

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All public Conflict Resolution Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.