Build Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Training Course – Melbourne, Adelaide

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course in Melbourne, Adelaide from pd training
Improve inter-personal relations through training

No matter how practical and wise we are, emotions dictate our moods and behaviour.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course delivered in Melbourne, Adelaide and other cities by pd training is the help every organisation needs in grooming employees to become professionals of the highest standard.

Professionals can control emotions to manage themselves and others, successfully communicate, achieve goals smoothly, build healthy relationships, and gain confidence. Identification, understanding and practice of emotional intelligence in oneself and others develop flexibility, increase productivity and help in building positive work environments.

Methods of Building Emotional Intelligence

The most effective and largely employed methods of building emotional intelligence are:

  1. Understanding the concept of emotional intelligence
  2. Observing verbal and non-verbal signals
  3. Using emotions to trigger productive thoughts and ideas
  4. Understanding social management and responsibilities
  5. Learning regulation of emotions
  6. Learning to gain control over yourself and others
  7. Using emotional intelligence to create an impact on the people and surroundings

Understanding and identifying emotions is important in controlling them. It is only in a controlled environment geared towards growth and goal fulfilment that employees can provide their best. As the root cause of behaviour lie in emotions, successful organisations train their employees in EQ to develop environments that create and sustain growth.

Training in Emotional Intelligence

We cannot negate the impact our emotions have on us and others, but control over emotions can be achieved through training. Training in emotional intelligence includes practical lessons that are aimed at building and sustaining emotional intelligence quickly. After training in EQ, learners mark the difference the training has made in their outlook towards themselves and others. They find it easier to manage themselves, others, and their responsibilities. Emotional intelligence can be built with practice using tools and techniques that are known to give immediate and sustainable results.

Benefits of Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

An employee who knows how to manage work relationships is better equipped to achieve goals without conflicts, wastage of time and resources, and distractions. Emotional intelligence provides the capability to handle the most difficult and complicated situations and people. Some of the benefits organisations experience after training in emotional intelligence are:

  • Timely meeting of goals
  • Reduction in conflicts
  • Better cooperation among employees
  • Reduction in wastage of resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced professionalism in employees
  • Building and maintenance of goodwill among employees

Training in EQ provides the understanding and the control to handle emotions to achieve the desired results.

Building emotional intelligence is an indispensable part of human resource management that leads to the cultivation of a work environment that consistently provides higher productivity and limit wastage of resources.

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All public Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.