Leadership Development – The Effective Communicator

Leadership Development Program


Leadership Development – The Effective Communicator

This training will enable leaders to modify their communication style to be most effective in different situations and with different people.

By being able to deliver each message in the right way to each different audience, leaders can inspire the strongest loyalty and create the most highly motivated workforce.

Effective Communication – this Leadership trait is one of the most important competencies to inspire loyalty and commitment from people that have less direct contact with the leaders.

Leaders will learn how to deliver clear, effective and inspirational messages – and handle those tricky questions and manage the antagonists and high pressure public situations.

It is vital that leaders can inspire confidence and give clear guidance by demonstrating assertiveness and exuding confidence.

It is often the case that opinions about the leaders of large organisations are developed from a single conversation, interaction or presentation.

The ‘Adaptable Effective Communicator’ leadership competency is achieved when the individual is effective in one-on-one and group presentations and can successfully deliver messages clearly and persuasively to individuals and groups.


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