How to Lead More Effectively: Training in FISH! Philosophy for Leaders in Sydney

FISH! for Leaders Training Course in Sydney from pdtraining
Use FISH! to Lead Innovatively

The FISH! for Leaders training course is for anyone, from business owners to frontline supervisors, who want to lead more effectively.

To gain skills in FISH!, consider using FISH! for Leaders Training Course in Sydney and many other cities in Australia.

Gaining skills in FISH! methodologies will help you to:

  • Build the trust that helps teams be more productive and adapt quickly to change.
  • Listen and communicate better.
  • Embody the attitudes and values you want to see in your organisation or team.
  • Remove fear and inspire people to be their best for customers, for each other and for the organisation.

The FISH! management course is a one day workshop that shows your leaders how to apply The FISH! Philosophy to build a highly effective organisational culture.

By allowing leaders and management to attend the course, you will have an effective means to begin the process of learning how to develop a high performance culture in your teams and workplace.

The course helps leaders buy into the cultural improvement practices that thousands of leaders globally have successfully implemented.

FISH! For Leaders Course Outline


  • The four FISH! practices
  • Watch the film “It starts with me”

Practice 1: Be There

To Be There as a leader, you must:

  • Understand your impact
  • Get curious
  • Find common ground
  • Get to know people
  • Be yourself

Practice 2: Play

As a leader, you can encourage a Play-full environment by:

  • Understanding the role of fun
  • Don’t squash ideas
  • Emphasize learning
  • Define the playing field

Practice 3: Make Their Day

A leader makes their day by:

  • Learn to give specific praise
  • How to listen to others’ thoughts
  • How to look for the best in people
  • Learn how to help others grow

Practice 4: Choose Your Attitude

Choose Your Attitude helps us to:

  • Practice to become aware
  • Make a conscious choice
  • Reshape our perceptions
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Build commitment

Why our clients choose us:

  • Receive practical tools to take away with you.
  • Be involved all day. There are about 20 activities each day (10 lessons with 1-3 activities per lesson).
  • Realistic and relevant. We take the time to learn about you, then tailor the training to your needs.

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Pdtraining delivers 1000’s of professional development courses each year in Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth, so you can be assured your training will be delivered by a qualified and experienced trainer.

All public FISH! for Leaders Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.