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The Experience-Centred Model is used to implement the FISH! philosophy in your organisation.

To develop important skills in FISH!, consider using FISH! Team Building Training Course offered by pdtraining in Melbourne and many other cities in Australia.

People learn best when they are fully engaged. This may happen when listening to a really skilled speaker or watching a great show, but most speeches and shows only grab part of our attention. As a result, whatever the goal, it was probably only partially achieved.

Full engagement happens when mind, heart and soul are all drawn into an experience. 

The Experience-Centred Model in FISH! is a system of concepts, perspectives and skills that maximise the opportunity for participants to become fully engaged.  As a facilitator, it is your responsibility to help move your group toward the goal.  This system helps you maintain focus while encouraging participation and buy-in.

Traditional vs. Experiential

In a traditional setting, a leader might ask a question or suggest a topic to a group of employees. One or more participants raise their hand and, one at a time, respond.

Conversation is like a tennis match, with each participant responding directly to the leader, and the leader lobbing answers or comments back at them individually. Only the leader and the person answering are fully engaged, and because everything flows through the leader, it becomes his or her opinion that matters most.

In an experiential environment, the leader serves as a facilitator—one who helps the group work toward a goal, engaging everyone without asserting positional power.  The facilitator uses questions, exercises and activities to structure the conversation so it occurs among all the participants.

As needed, the facilitator may redirect or encourage more exploration among the participants.  This keeps the conversation focused on the goal and learning—not on the facilitator.

Examining how you live the FISH! practices in your work and life is important, as going forward you will be the model for the philosophy.

If you focus on what is happening in the moment (Be There), make the experience joyful (Play), acknowledge and include everyone (Make Their Day), and truly align your actions with your words and who you want to be (Choose Your Attitude), your group will be more likely to respond in the same way.

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