What is Your Leadership Style? FISH! Philosophy for Leaders: Training in Sydney, Melbourne, Bisbane

fish for leaders training course in sydney, melbourne, Brisbane from pdtraining
Use FISH! to Leader with Style

FISH! when embraced by leaders help in the management and building of powerful teams and strong relationships.

To develop leadership skills, consider using FISH! for Leaders Training Course offered by pdtraining in Sydney, Melbourne, Bisbane and other cities in Australia.

To be an effective leader using the FISH! Philosophy and methods, you’ll need to know where you fit currently before implementing a FISH! Culture within your team.

This self-assessment tool gives you a quick scan of your leadership style as it relates to the FISH! philosophy.

You will have the opportunity to take it again down the road and see where you’ve made changes! (Knowing that leaders at all levels are taking this program, we are using team and team members as all-purpose words to describe employees, associates, etc.)


1 – Strongly Disagree

2 – Disagree

3 – Somewhat Disagree

4 – Don’t Know

5 – Somewhat Agree

6 – Agree

7 – Strongly Agree

Self-Assessment Leadership Questions:

My team members and I work as partners

I am conscious of the impact I have on my team

I am consistently available for my team

I trust my team

My team trusts me

I am not easily distracted when I listen

I am not afraid to be myself—to be authentic—at work

I believe that a playful mindset fosters creativity and innovation

I encourage an environment of playfulness

I have a vision for the culture of my team

I find ways to play at work

I view mistakes as positive learning opportunities

I believe in and value my team

My team members know how much I appreciate them

I am open to new ideas from my team

I focus on what’s going right versus what’s going wrong

Other people affect my attitude at work

My attitude reflects how I want others to see me

I react to crises in a way that my employees respect

I demonstrate the attitude I want others to have

I know who I want to be as a person and as a leader

I consistently live out my beliefs and values

I am open to coaching from my employees

My employees are comfortable giving me coaching

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