Foundation Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants: Training in Melbourne

Foundation Skills for PA's and Executive Assistants Training Course in Melbourne from pd training
Gain new skills to perform better

An executive assistant must have the necessary skills to contribute to a business.

To become an expert executive assistant, consider participating in Foundation Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants Training Course from pdtraining delivered in Melbourne and other cities.

Qualities of a Top Executive Assistant

Effective administrative skills are indispensable and highly sought. To become a skilled administrator, an executive assistant must possess outstanding organisational capabilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and exceptional use of resources. A person possessing such skills has the capability of being a top executive assistant, highly capable and an asset to the company.

Training to become a highly-skilled executive assistant involves learning practical tools, comprehensive lessons and specifically designed activities, realistic and relevant skill development to suit personality traits of the learner.

Training Course for Achieving Advanced Skills

Organisational, managerial and communication skills differentiate a professional from an amateur. Effective training for developing advanced skills includes:

  • Effective management of time
  • Decision making skills
  • Planning of meetings
  • Problem-solving
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Management of communication
  • Human resource management
  • Developing positive working environment

Developing advanced skills that help in building an environment that enhances productivity and minimises loss of resources is an integral part of the responsibilities of an executive assistant.

Relevance of Each Skill

Organisational skills of an executive assistant help in effective use of resources including that of time, effort and money. It enhances productivity while reducing stress, complexity and confusion.

Managerial skills help build a healthy environment for the employees where they can improve their skills and increase productivity. It helps the company to run smoothly and achieve better growth. Through effective management, goals are achieved on time and responsibilities are met with ease.

Communication skills of an executive assistant must be strong to deal with and control the various modes of communication in a company namely verbal, non-verbal and written. Advanced communication skills include the ability to influence, encourage and understand others. The ability to use the various modes of communication to create a better working environment, improve dedication to work, resolve conflicts, build consensus and make valuable decisions ultimately leads to overall progress.

Results of Effective Training

The many advantages of getting professionally trained to become an executive assistant include:

  • Organisational skills that are highly targeted
  • Managerial skills for saving time, effort, money and resources
  • Completion of tasks on time
  • Ability to build a productive working environment
  • Excellent verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills
  • Influencing others to achieve common goals
  • Effective management of one’s own duties

Receiving the right training is as important as having the will to achieve excellence. It is intelligent to use help to become a top executive assistant in less time.

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All public Foundation Skills for PA’s and Executive Assistants Training courses include am/pm tea, lunch, printed courseware and a certificate of completion.  Customised courses are available upon request so please contact pdtraining on 1300 121 400 to learn more.