Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training Course delivered by pdtraining in Melbourne

The Value of Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Training Course in Melbourne

Emotional Intelligence helps you to find fulfilment in life, not only success.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course offered by pdtraining in Melbourne
Manage yourself better through EQ

If you are looking to develop your EQ, consider participating in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training Course offered by pdtraining in Melbourne and many other cities in Australia.

Each one of us is impacted by our interaction with others. At work, our communications with our boss, colleagues and other employees impact our mental health. If there is stress and negativity in a work environment, it makes us unhappy and dissatisfied even if we are performing well at our job. Therefore, emotional intelligence is of great importance to not only achieve success, but also find fulfilment in work and life.


To recognise our own emotions, we need to be self-aware. Introspection about how your emotions impact you, others, and your goals is important in order to make changes in your work and life that will make you feel more satisfied in life. It is vital that you analyse your emotions from time to time to make changes in your choices, goals and relationships. As your situation in life and work changes with time, you will need to make changes in how you approach the various facets of your life.

Managing Emotions 

There are certain circumstances that you cannot avoid, but you can manage them by controlling your reaction and outlook towards the difficulty and your own ability in overcoming it. If you learn to identify what causes you stress, and how it damages your ability to resolve the problem, you will change the way you deal with it. Emotional intelligence helps you to identify and control your emotions that are damaging for yourself and your relationships with others.

Awareness about OthersEmotions

Any interaction is a two-way process. Therefore, you need to be aware of the other person(s) emotional situation and reactions to respond suitably. When you are talking to somebody in person, over the phone or in writing, you must observe the signals the other person is giving that express his/her mood, level of familiarity, purpose of interaction, etc. To know the real feelings of a person communicating with you can help you to adjust your own communication and control the relationship better.

Social awareness also helps you to know the power dynamics in a group, and the relationships between people.

Know Them to Lead Them

Even if you are not in a leadership role, you can inspire and influence others to improve their work and life. To build healthy relationships, and lead, persuade, inspire and influence others, you must know them. Emotional intelligence provides you the tools to understand the personality of a person, his/her reactions, and emotional requirements, which can be used to improve existing relationships, and build new ones.

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